Most lures on the market come pre-rigged or recommend treble hooks as a standard.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using either single or treble hooks on your lures.  





-Great hookup rate

-Holds more water so it’s easier to swim in most conditions

-Scratches lure significantly

-Hooks are more likely to fall off during fight

-Tends to open up when there is a lot of pressure


-Doesn’t scratch your lure as much

-Gives the best swimming action

-Tends not to fall off during fight

-Doesn’t open up easily

-Doesn’t damage fish as much, better for catch and release

-Harder to swim in rougher conditions

-Not a great hookup rate


Double Single

-Fish can easily get hooked due to having 2 hooks

-Hooks don’t fall off easily

-Slightly heavier than singles so you can rig them on belly

-Harder to swim in rougher conditions



A popular rigging option is putting a belly treble and a single tail hook, this will help your lure dive in with the weight of the treble hook whilst being light on the back to give you a strong tail kicking action. Mix and match accordingly to your needs

Below are some combinations: 

1. Treble on both front & rear 

2. Single on both front & rear 

3. Treble on front, single on rear 

4. Double single on both front & rear 

5. Double Single on front, single on rear 

6. Treble on front, double single on rear 

Here are some popular products on our website:

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Treble Hook: BKK Raptor Z, Owner Cultiva ST-66 , Shout Curve Point 31

Single Hook: Shout Single Kudako, Shout Ringed Kudako, BKK Lone Diablo 

Double Single Hook: Shout Double Kudako, Shout Short Double Kudako 

July 12, 2021 — Joseph Kim