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Organised Memebers Session 4th May Report

Posted on 17 May 2016


Written by Jay Kim from Team IFL

Last Wednesday an ISO fishing session was organised with Ray, Tony, Jimmy, Rannie, Tim, Vish, Gabriel and I. We fished an eastern suburb ledge, short walk but very steep climb down. This was my first time fishing this ledge and for everyone else as well apart from Gabriel and Tim who had previously fished it before. Probably the only eastern suburbs ledge I haven't fished before with the reason being there are other easier to access low swell spots but this particular session we had to fit 7 people.

Upon arriving and getting a first look at the spot we were gonna fish, conditions were very flat with not much wash as we had a westerly blowing. Jimmy was the first to rig up and had a bait in the water within minutes as he had almost less than an hour to fish before he had to go to work. During that time I think he got 2 blackies and a bust off on a Drummer on 6lb trace.

With clear conditions, everyone rigged up very light but I decided to fish the usual heavy setup regardless with intention to either donut or 1 big fish as this ledge is known to produce 60cm Drummer. Unfortunately Gabriel accidentally left the Type 3 prototype at home (which we were looking to field test) so I just rigged up with the Type 2. During the first light period there was 2 bust offs, with Gabriel losing a pig estimated in the 40s on the Excalibur Type 0 and 6lb trace and Tim also lost a big drummer (possible Groper) which ran out far and completely straightening his yellow #1 Nissin Ingram rod, taking his lever-brake multiple times in a row before busting him off. I wasn't off to a great start as I got greedy, was fishing deep close to the bottom and snagged up multiple times having to re-rig.

After a while, the berley kicked in and everyone started getting multiple hits on Bream, Trevally, Blackfish and Parrotfish. Ray was doing well with the Bream landing the biggest one of the session which went 40cm. Vish probably caught the most fish of the session, doing well with the strips of fresh calamari that Tim caught the night before.

The surprise capture of the session went to Gabriel who got a decent sized Goatfish, can't remembered what it measured but he should be putting up a photo of it soon.

I wasn't having much luck on the heavy gear with the main reason being most of the prawns in the pack were a bit too small for the heavy duty #13 Gamakatsu hook I was using and the tide was too high to go down and pick some cunje. After the first light period as the sun was up, I decided to change tactics and rig up for Groper. Conditions were very clear from the low swell/westerly winds combination which made it ideal for Groper. I rigged up a 2/0 Sasame Octopus hook followed by 3x 00 sinkers. I first started using pieces of crushed sea urchins as bait and later managed to find 2 crabs in a rock pool. Those 2 crabs turned into 2 very fat rock cods and I went back to Drummer fishing again.

Towards the end of the session, the tide had become low enough to the point where I was able to cross over to a ledge which looked promising. I decided to downgrade my trace to #3.5 (14lb), dumped half my berley infront of me in one go and proceeded to put on the biggest prawn from the pack and cast about 7~8m out to where the berley should have settled. My rig had only probably sunk halfway when suddenly my Type 2 buckled over almost instantly to the maximum rod load and I locked up to a solid fat pig, finally the big one I had been waiting for all session had come and I was severely under gunned. The initial charge of the Drummer took my lever-brake 5~6 times in a row (I was applying the maximum pressure 14lb could take) and I realised at that point that it was down near the reef so I decided to fully open up the drag and let it run on no pressure to avoid bust off. The Drummer continued taking the line for a long time before my line suddenly went limp, despite backing off the drag completely my trace still broke either from previous damage during the initial stage where I had locked up or it hit a very sharp reef. This whole process from the start where it took my lever-brake 5~6 times to opening my drag and taking my line was from just 1 run, it just wouldn't stop almost like a tuna/hoodlum kingy hook-up. Its a really bad feeling when you wait all session for the 1 big fish and you lose it but thats fishing and would be boring without the challenge.

Overall we got a decent bag of fish thanks to the other members and it was a good session with fairly consistent action. Hopefully next few weeks I'll be looking to just target the last 2 hours of the sunset and be able to report back with something good.

The climb back up was a bit of fun, being one of the last people to climb up had to dodge some falling rocks with one almost the size of a tennis ball narrowly missing my head thanks to my ninja reaction speed

Gabriel & the other members who took some photos should be posting them on this thread soon.

Team IFL Jay


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