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Eging in the full moon

Posted on 15 July 2017

Location 1:
Team: Franz, Gabriel, Drew

Set up:
Rod - JS company BIXOD N E4 eging 882M
Reel - Daiwa Emeraldas collosal 2508-DH
PE - Hitena Silky PE0.8
Lure - Yamashita 490 glow search 3.5S

We met up in the afternoon at Malabar and began fishing at sunset at 5pm. Anticipations were high and we were keen to squid. Joseph and his friends were on the south side eging as well. The evening was surprisingly quiet and the only person to get a squid at around the 6pm mark was Franz. The squid was a good size with a hood length of mid 30's by the looks of it. The squid took some big lunges before being washed in. Franz caught the calamari on a Yamashita Live search 3.5 glow in a white colour. Drew was working the lure when he said "ahh dam im stuck again"..... but then slowly started to bring the lure back in and at the end, there was a small octopus. That was the end of first ledge as we moved to the South side of Malabar to meet up with a few other people.

Location 2:
Team: Franz, Gabriel, Drew, Michael, Tony, David, Brad

We met up with a few more people at the South side of the boat ramp and realised that it was swamped so we decided to move again that wouldn't be submerged. First cast with the Yamashita Live Search 490 3.5 in Orange did the damage as a hungry squid latched onto the jig and I securely hooked and landed my first for the night. After a few more casts I changed the new Yamashita eginno as the action was slow. The eginno is a slow rising lure that jumps less when compared to the normal jigs so I opted for a high pitch jerk instead of the standard retrieve whilst hitting the lure along the bottom and was rewarded soon. The eginno was crawling on the bottom when I thought i was snagged, but it slowly came out. A few winds later, it was taking some drag. Slowly got the predator to the front which turned out to be a decent cuttlefish around 6/7kg in weight. Congrats to David who landed his PB calamari that hit the 30cm hood length mark. Franz was on fire (as usual) landing another calamari before calling it quits.

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