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Report: Monster Silver Trevally on ISO

Posted on 20 November 2016

Gabriel, Jason, Suwanto, Simon, Reuben, Andrew, Michael 

ISO Fishing set up:
Rod - IFL Excalibur Type 0
Reel - Daiwa 06 Tournament ISO Kyogi
Main line - Unitika GAU #2
Leader - Toray L EX #1.5 
Float - IFL Basic ISO F G2 
Depth - 5 - 8m fixed float 


The forecast was showing (once again) a rough & windy weekend so we decided to play it safe and fish in the harbour. We met everybody down at the ledge as there was 7 of us fishing and found it to be quite windy from the morning after meeting up. With everybody keen to wet the line, we rigged up and split off into 2 teams as the area was too small to accommodate everybody onto a single ledge. Simon, Reuban, Suwanto and Andrew fished together and Michael, Jason and I hopped onto the next ledge. 

The morning was slow for our side, but the other side were getting some downs with Suwanto and Andrew losing 2 fish each in the morning, not too sure if the hook pulled or the line snapped. We continued to burley and burley to try and get some fish up. The pickers were around stealing the soft prawn baits in the drift. Michael and Jason were fishing Di-ISO rigs whereas I was fishing a normal ISO float with a set depth of 7m. Michael drew first blood as he hooked and landed a nice 35cm snapper as well as being his first legal snapper on ISO, caught on the IFL Excalibur Type II- Congrats Michael (Wongster). 

After seeing Michael land the snapper, I was keen to try and cast the rig out for a snapper. A few casts later the float slowly submerged into the water and was at a hold. As the action was slow, I gave the fish more time to eat the bait and BAM! I striked and felt the weight of the fish as it ran and peeled drag from the reel. I was confused and called it a rat king at the start, but questioned it to be a trevally as the fighting style wasn't as aggressive as a rat. A few minutes later, we got colour and it was a trevally that went 55cm caught on the IFL Excalibur Type 0 and Toray L EX #1.5 leader. After a few more casts I landed 2 more trevally that were smaller, but one was still around the 45cm mark roughly. 

Michael landed a bream towards the end of the session which he released after a quick photo, once again on his free float Di-ISO set up. Jason wasn't having the best of days with the hook pulling on a suspected trevally and a bust off after not deciding to change the leader that was damages previously. Suwanto had a good bite as I was packing up my gear when his float rocketed to the side and his drag peeled. The smart fish ran hard for the corner and made easy work of his delicate leader. I assume that it was a salmon or rat king. 

After a few quick photos, the big trevally was released to fight another day. As for the other 2 trevally, they managed to find themself a cosy rockpool and didn't want to come out as we attempted to get them to release into the water. 

Thanks for the session guys!

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