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Report: Winter Shore Jigging

Posted on 18 September 2016

Fishing on a Saturday has been something unheard from me, but I managed to make time this morning for an early morning session with the main goal being shore jigging. The team for this morning was Jason, Simon Yeoh, Ian, Simon (2 Simon's) and I. We fished below a cliff to block the pounding 20knot westerly this morning. As expected, the wind blew the seas flat making it comfortable to fish.

Eager to fish, we made our way down to the ledge and everybody quickly rigged up the set ups. Everybody was shore slow jigging with the Palms Slow Blatt Cast jigs in 40 & 60g sizes. On my 2nd cast, a pike hit the slow jig on the drop, a 60g wide in colour H-49. Ian was the next to get a hook up and landed a massive sargent baker. The morning was quiet with a glowing sunrise building up beyond the clouds. At around 7am, we could see a big school of fish in the distance. We persisted hard and continued to cast, retrieve, cast, retrieve. Simon was the first to hook up onto a salmon which he landed on his new set up, the Palms Shore Gun Evolv 103H+ with the Daiwa Saltiga 4000H spooled with Daiwa Saltiga 8 braid PE3. From this point, the fish came in close and were feeding like mad, chasing white bait until the point where we could almost sight cast them.

I was the next to hook up on a salmon on the slow jig. I didn't realise until the fish got to the front, but I had actually hooked 2 salmon on the slow jig, one on the front assists and one on the rear. As I tried to lift both of them up at once, the rear hook straightened and I landed a salmon. Simon Yeoh hooked a fish, but the hooks pulled. A few casts later, Simon Yeoh hooked up again onto a salmon. After a tough fight on the light, he managed to land his first salmon on a lure. In the midst of the action, Ian slipped and broke the tip of his rod making him rodless and missed out on the action. Jason hooked up onto a fish, but the hooks pulled mid fight.

The other Simon was doing well and managed another 2 salmon on the jigs as well as losing several more whilst they leaped out of the water. After the school passed, the action slowed down.

I had to leave for work, so I packed up at 8:15am and called it a day.


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