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Report: Hustling for drummer

Posted on 18 September 2016

A short session was organised with Gabriel, Tony (Gabriel's Father), Bryant, Kelvin, Billy, my beginner mate Stanley and myself. We fished a local area in the Eastern Suburbs and after preparing the berley we began fishing around 6am and fished until 10:30am. Gabriel wanted to do some filming as well as it had been a while which should be uploaded onto Youtube sometime in the near future.

Having not fished for the past 3~4 weeks, the anticipation got to me as I was only able to manage 1 hour sleep the night before.

[B]The Catch[/B]
2x 50cm+ Drummer ranging from 50cm~52cm
7~8 x Drummer Ranging from 40cm~49cm
7~8 x Blackfish
4 x Trevally
1x Bream
1x Tarwhine
1x Wirrah Cod

[B]My Setup[/B]
Rod: Excalibur Type 3 Prototype
Reel: Daiwa Impult 3000LBD
Mainline: #5 Marufuji semi-floating line
Float: 0.8 IFL float
Depth: Set around 3.5m (fishing shallow)
Trace: #4 & #5 V-hard trace around 2.5~3m in length
Hook: Sasame Gold #12 hook and Gamakatsu #12 hook
Weight: 5B split-shot on top third of trace, 3B split-shot on bottom third of trace although depending on the amount of swell at that time I would keep adjusting the placements of the split-shot on my trace according to the wash and current.
Bait: Banana Prawns & Hawksbury Prawns

We all met up around a little bit past 5am which is about 40min before first light. Walked in and arrived at our ledge. As I had expected it was bit too flat but we were hoping the high tide that was gonna kick in from around 8am onwards + the 6 buckets of berley we brought was going to do the trick.

We only had one water bucket for 6 buckets of berley, not the most efficient preparation and it took a 4 man job to haul water from the cliff to the buckets and after a good 15 minutes we were done prepping the berley.

The first 90min or so was very quiet with the lack of swell and tide being a bit too low. The first hit came at around 7:30am when I started getting some light hits before I struck and came up solid to a nice pig. Fishing completely locked up, I made full use of the Excalibur Type 3 prototype's parabolic action especially as most of the power is down in the lower sections of the rod before the Drummer starting running towards my feet trying to bury me so I hopped down to the lower ledge and angled it away from the edge. Gabriel came down with the net and it was a good start at 48cm. Just as I had landed my fish, I hear Bryant yelling SORRY SORRY. At first we were all confused, did he break something? Turns out he had hooked up as well and a few minutes we netted the twin brother of my fish, almost the exact same size at around 48cm as well.

As predicted, from 8am onwards with the high tide reaching into its prime (10:30am was high tide) the action whilst not consistent did produce some good fish. During this time I landed 5 more Drummer ranging 40cm~50cm with the 50cm model putting up a solid fight making me use my LB twice at the front. Bryant also managed to land the biggest Drummer of the day at 52cm which put up a very solid battle and Bryant did well to pull it out from the most snaggiest area between the boulders. Not to mention Bryant was fishing with a fractured elbow, thats some dedication there.

During this time, Tony was fishing on the outer edge for Blackfish and did well consistently landing them and got around 7~8 blackfish and a legal Drummer, and Trevally. Gabriel also fishing slightly off to the side managed to get a decent Bream, some Trevally and a Tarwhine. Think Billy managed a few Trevally, blackfish and a 35~38cm Drummer as well. My beginner mate Stanley was struggling a bit but he managed to get the biggest Trevally of the session which looked around 42cm and a Wirrah Cod.

Although in the photos it may seems like we had some nice wash, majority of the time it was a tad bit flat. We would have liked a bit more wash but the 6 buckets of berley + rising tide helped cover for it. Most of my Drummer came after 1~2 minutes of throwing in about 6~8 big scoops (I use the large berley scoop) of berley into the wash.

Despite a lot of fish caught, action wasn't very consistent and we had to work hard for each fish. Probably would have landed a lot more if using 8~12lb but we were after a 55cm+, I regretted not bringing bread as I like to use big bread bait for the larger pigs.

Overall not a bad session and there were plenty of good photos and videos taken which Gabriel should be putting up on youtube in the near future.

[B]**** Photos provided courtesy of Gabriel and Bryant ****[/B]

[I]Meeting at carpark a little past 5am[/I]

[I]Preparing 6 buckets of berley with 1 small water bucket from a cliff[/I]


[I]Bryant testing out Excalibur Type II[/I]


[I]Nature's fishing chair[/I]

[I]First Drummer of the day[/I]

[I]Few seconds after mine, Bryant lands the twin brother[/I]

[I]Hooked up to 50cm Drummer[/I]

[I]Extending the rod out to keep the line clear from the edge of the reef infront[/I]

[B]More photos continued below[/B]

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