2018 Daiwa Onaga Monster 4000D LBD

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By Daiwa



"BITURBO brake" that demonstrates powerful braking power with light power, and Daiwa's own waterproof technology "Magsealed" equipped with large LBD. Rich winding amount also corresponds to mainstream fishing. Even if you hang a large model with plenty of roots, you can stop running in front of the roots and bring it to an advantageous position at once. With the "LC-ABS (Long Cast ABS)" spool which arranged the large diameter drag knob of the new shape, the line releasing property dramatically improved. "ATD (tough)" to support battle in the high tension range, "perfect line stopper" to securely hold the line is also adopted.

■ Next Generation Brake "BITURBO Brake" Installed

The brake operation required for the LB reel is used for two important purposes: "to take out the line" and "to stop the line." The purpose of putting out the line in the interaction with the fish is to rebuild the rod to the angle where the tame works. It is a moment to reversely rotate, and most of the time since hanging a fish is basically a fishing action by grasping the brake lever. The main aim is "to stop securely by brake" which is the original role.

■ Magsealed
Magsealed is also mounted on large LB. 
The large LB used under more harsh environments has waterproof durability, supports comfortable fishing by maintaining initial performance.

■ Spool revolution "Let's experience the real value" [LC-ABS (long cast ABS) installed] While
pursuing thoroughly the line releasability while maintaining the trouble-less property.Excellent thing that naturally conforms to the mechanism, and also has long-distance nature. Even if you do not throw far, you can transfer with a lighter power than before. As a result, since extra lines do not come out, it contributes greatly to operability such as light gimmicky that it is easy to line up and difficult to take

■ New standard spool mounting
· Large caliber drag knob 
· Perfect line stopper 
· Carbon washer specification ATD tough

"BITUBO Brake" not only improves braking power but also has a significant improvement in response. The time required to reach the required braking force is shortened to 1/4 of the conventional one. At the moment of grasping the lever with the alignment, a strong braking force rises sharply, stops the fish rushing and avoids root misalignment. Exchange using the lever can also switch ON / OFF in a moment, so it will be possible to capture speedily without taking out extra lines. A smooth and speedy exchange is realized by the synergistic effect of the sharp-edged operability that "when putting out, when stopping" and the "one-way oscillation" in which the spool does not move up and down upon reversal.

  • It is easy to avoid root shift.
  • Incorporation is fast.
  • The synergistic effect with one-way oscillation makes the exchange even more smooth.
Function · Specification Characteristic
Aluminum machine cut Digi Gear A tough heart is necessary to survive the harsh environment. Smooth rotation lasts longer.
Air Bail Bail shape which drastically reduces trouble of thread entanglement by sending thread so as to flow to the line roller. Furthermore, by making it hollow structure, we realized a great increase in strength without changing weight.
LC-ABS New shape spool design realizing flight distance and trouble free.
Twist Buster II Structure which greatly eliminated yarn sticking caused by roller rotation which was said to be fate of spinning reel by rolling thread by tapering line roller.
Shower cleaning possible Can be washed with running water. (Maintenance according to the instruction manual is required after cleaning)
Quick on / off LB system If you pull the lever directly with the fingertip to operate the lever, turn it OFF, and press it ON. A brake system that can instantly respond to operations such as putting out and stopping a line, and stopper function with a single lever.
One-way oscillation Only when the rotor is rotating in reverse, isolate the interlocking with the gear that causes the spool to oscillate (back and forth) and minimize the shake of the reel. Furthermore, it improves the free performance at the time of reverse rotation, gives no sense of incompatibility to the fish, reduces the balance without rampaging, and allows smooth incorporation.
CRBB number / total BB number 4/10
■ Handle Specification : One touch aluminum
■ Brake lever : Aluminum forging lever


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