2018 Daiwa Tournament ISO Rear Force

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"Slim blanks" with a slender wall thickness adopted at "Tournament Iso AGS" actively harnessed the stickiness of the trunk - original part, aimed at surely acquiring the fish without unnecessarily ramping up the fish. It reduces the burden on hands and arms at the same time.Moreover, by relieving the load applied to the thread thread and Harris, it was possible to use a one-ranked narrow gimmick. "REAR FORCE" further promotes its tailoring, so that it can be bent more smoothly into the former (REAR), balance as the force (FORCE) gushes from near the hand as its name suggests. From the fish hanging, it keeps bent state to the original part where the power of the rod exerts most. Interact with the line that winds up as much as it is lifted, If you turn your face to here, give up the target without giving the gap to run off the coast.


■ Dynamic blanks made by ESS "slender, lightweight, tough (viscous)" 
 Nose tip (up to # 2nd section) N-ring AGS mounted, improved operability 
■ SVF nanoplus adopted and slendering realized 
■ "X45" which prevents blurring and twisting during casting 

 It captures without smashing fish with smooth bending by V - JOINT 
■ Design specification of "REAR FORCE" different from the current tournament

■ New N ring adoption AGS By comparison with the AGS of the conventional model, by increasing the area inside the ring, the line releasing property is improved. Dramatically improved operability such as light distance gimmick distance and line mending.

■ End grip with anti-slip end
When applying elbow during exchanging, anti-slip processing is also adopted for the end grip part so that hold holds firmly.

■ Coin Screw type butt plug
is a coin opening and closing type that prevents falling off at the beach. Plating process, directing luxury.

■ Tournament sensor
Developed a new reel seat exclusively for hump reel seat . The hump shape that fits the palm realizes a remarkable hold feeling. Screw type to firmly fix the reel. In addition, the design has also transformed into a racy image that cuts the wind.

Daiwa Technology: 

■ ESS [Expert sense simulation]

Kansei area design system "ESS" When bending, energy (restoring force) to rise up on the side opposite to that direction occurs. This is the "strain energy" that the deformed (distorted) blank tries to return to its original state, which is an extremely important factor affecting the performance of the rod. DAIWA developed a system to analyze and design this "strain energy". In addition to clearly grasping "what is superior" "what is missing" clearly by numerical value, it is possible to reflect on the rod up to the area called expert sensibility. An innovative rod design system "ESS" that creates a rod that goes beyond ideal

■ AGS [Air Guide System]

Lightweight, highly sensitive air guide system "AGS". Carbon frame lightweight improves flight distance and control performance. Carbon having about 3 times the rigidity as compared with titanium has high sensitivity to transmit directly to the blank without absorbing a small signal transmitted through the line. Both Single Foot and Double Foot are more enriched in size and shape. Next-generation "AGS" with a newly developed lightweight ring "C ring (cobalt alloy)" and "N ring (siliconeite)" mounted. From the evolution of "AGS", keep an eye out.

■ X45

Twist prevention is "45 °" optimal. Optimum structure for preventing twisting which revolutionizes power and operability. By winding DAIWA's unique bias cloth (such as carbon fiber skewed to ± 45 °) to the conventional structure (0 °, 90 ° to the rod tip), it prevents twisting, power, operability, sensitivity leap Improvement.* The strongest "45 °" X structure against twisting is adopted for naming. "X torque" has been changed to "X45" as a common trademark in the world.


■ MEGATOP [Mega Top]

The mega top is a carbon solid in which fibers and resin are uniformly dispersed, and shows the same bending in any direction. Furthermore, the strength dramatically improves compared with ordinary carbon solid. This makes it possible to make a small diameter, flexible, high tapered tip. Not only sensitivity to the hands peculiar to the carbon material, but also the visual sensitivity appearing at the tip of the head is greatly improved.

■ SVF NANOPLUS [Ebuiu Nano Plus]
Adopted Soviet NV Plasm at the beginning of Isobe. By reducing the amount of resin, we can combine Toray Industries' nanoalloy ® technology with Daiwa's proprietary manufacturing method to carbon sheet "SVF" which makes it possible to introduce more carbon fiber and realize lightness, power, slimming , Making it possible to make it stronger and lighter.

■ V - JOINT [V - Joint] A
smooth knot bend realizes the ideal condition and power up. DAIWA's unique bias structure is adopted for the joint part of the clause. It realizes smooth bending of joint, improves power · response · sensitivity.

■ IC Guard (# 4)
I-shape in the vertical direction and C-shape in the circumferential direction, double protrusion reduces stickiness of the line due to rain and tide. A synergistic effect with a highly durable water repellent super coat realizes more comfortable line judgment than before.

Tournament ISO AGS Rear Force

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