2019 Maria Rerise Slow Sink 130mm 55g

By Maria

Maria have released "RERISE SS130" a brand new deep range capture lure. 

New fishing method of Rock Shore Blue Game "Invitation"

A new method proposed by Maria, which slow action that can not be produced in the jig leads to predation against natural "poorly active low target" clinging to the mid-deep range (10 to 20 meters deep) attacking by Shore Jigging, "Invitation".

General Lure Rotation of Rock Shore Games aiming at pelagic species 

High active time of morning 
Appeal the surface layer with top water (Pencil · Popper) vigorously, and invite fish from a wide range!
After morning 
Efficiently search deep range with a speedy approach for highly active fish that sun rises and falls to deep.
During the day when fishing is slow
Propose a new method "invitation" for low active fish in the depths!

Action Image

  • ① Fall while rocking to the bottom (Settling speed estimate: 1 second / m)
  • ② Tight S-shaped slide action with long jerk
  • ③ Flat beating action as if you feel like a short jerk
  • ④ Invite you to any range, repeat fall

Recommended Tackle

Rod Shore jigging tackle (ML to MH class)
Reel S company No. 5000 to 8000, D company 3500 to 4500
Line PE # 2-3 (Leader 50-80 lb)


Spec 130 mm - 55g Estimated sinking speed: 0.7 sec / m.  (takes about 30 seconds to sink 20m)
Hook Owners ST-56 # 1/0
Ring Fighters Ring # 6


  • B01H Sardine

    Saltwater game natural bait colour. 

  • B02D Bloody Sardine

    Although it is a standard sardine pattern, it transmits red light that simulates a weak and bloody bait!

  • B04C Clear

    Effective in situations where reflection and different transmission appeal can not be expressed in jigs! It corresponds to bait pattern and squid pattern which are preying on clear colour.

  • B08H Pink Sardine

    The appeal element by the fluorescent pink that stands out even in the dim deep range brings up the appeal element by the flashing effect of the side hologram and invites the bite!

  • B21H Lime Chart Glow

    Adopts a glow colour with a high track record in blue games for the belly part. Invite from the bottom and aim to eat from the target!

  • B24D UV Glow (Keimura) 

    In addition to new sense appeal by Keimura + flushing by design holo technology, strong appeal colour that adopted glow in belly part!

  • B33H Blue Pink

    We adopted a standard blue pink colour of metal jig. At the time of fall, the back (blue) and the belly part (pink) alternately appeal to attract the highly active target!

  • B36D Kibinago

    Imitated Kibi Nago (silver-stripe round herring), a fish that runs away from predators. By making the back and the stomach transparent, it invites a bite with an appeal different from flashing!