2019 Shimano Stella SW

$1,350.00 $1,689.00
By Shimano

Shimano's flagship reel "Stella SW" has been recreated into a masterpiece consisting of enhanced durability, smoothness, slick looks and unimaginable power. This 2019 model is available in 3 popular sizes 8000, 10000 and the 14000 size.

The 8000 size Stella SW is available in both the Power Gear and High Gear models to accomodate for all purposes whether it's from the boat or from shore. The reduced weight of the 8000 size helps the angler comfortably fish for longer than ever without sacrificing power or line retrieve rate. The perfect reel for anglers who want a powerful reel running lines in the lighter PE 3, PE 4 and PE 5 classes.

The 10000 size Stella SW is available in only the Power Gear model which is perfect for anglers using lines in the PE 4, PE 5 or PE 6 classes. The Power Gear model is great for anglers who need a lot of cranking power, especially from the boat.

the 14000 size Stella SW is available in both the Power Gear and High Gear models to accomodate for all purposes whether it's from the boat or from shore. This reel is slightly heavier than the 8000 but is often necessary for the keen anglers who need to spool up 300m of PE 6 class line to have an extra edge on specific pelagic and game fish species. The 14000 size is also able to be paired effectively with PE 5 and PE 8 lines depending on the anglers needs.

The Stella SW represents the pinnacle of innovation for Shimano reel technology and fish-fighting performance. For 2019, this flagship series has been upgraded and released in 8000, 10000 and 14000 sizes. For increased power and enhanced durability, this series features a range of upgrades. Infinity Drive has been incorporated for light and powerful winding and the upgraded Heatsink Drag provides superior drag performance under extreme heat.

A waterproof rating of IPX8 is achieved through X-Protect and X-Shield with the aluminium Hagane Body acting as a rigid and super tough outer shell. A new and improved rotor design has made the reels lighter than the previous Stella SW 13 models. The HG models are designed for both casting and jigging, whereas PG is geared for jigging applications and XG for saltwater casting. Available in stores March 2019.



 The new Stella SW employs 'Infinity Drive’ where the pinion gear inner does not make contact with the main shaft, as a high-sliding bushing supports the main shaft. With this new structure, sliding resistance of the main shaft is drastically reduced.

In addition to this, a special skidding coating on the main shaft helps to further reduce sliding resistance. InfinityDrive cuts handle rotation torque by about 30 per cent in comparison to the conventional system, and makes the reel more powerful. 


The ‘Heat Sink Panel’, where the heat generated by drag is released, stops any decrease in drag performance, due to thermal sagging, by around 50 per cent.

The ‘Insulation Sheet’, which blocks heat transfer to the spool, prevents spool temperatures from increasing by around 30 per cent. The evolution of the new drag system is easier on the line and more stable than ever. Featured in models 10000, 14000


X-Protect was developed for stopper bearing protection in the previous model and provided high-level waterproofing. The new Stella SW employs X-Protect for its line roller as well and further improves its waterproofing performance.

The new structure protects bearings inside the line roller from the harsh saltwater environment, and bearing durability is ten times greater than conventional designs. As a result of comparison tests by Shimano.




The Hagane Gear is produced by applying approximately 200 tons of pressure to the raw metal through unique technology called Precision Cold Forging.

Delivered with micron accuracy, no cutting work is involved. Hard and tough, the Hagane Gear has high durability and delivers smooth winding.


The Hagane Body chassis is made of highly rigid aluminium alloy. It eliminates flex, warp and distortion of the reel, and protects the engagement of gears inside. This allows for smoother winding.


By verifying the thickness of the aluminium alloy rotor body through detailed 3D analysis, strong rigidity, high durability and excellent rotational balance is created. Thanks to its strong rigidity, the X-Rigid Rotor contributes to improved effectiveness of various parts such as the drag.


From the basic body design through to the most intricate parts of the drive train including the drive gear, worm shaft, worm shaft pin and worm shaft gear, every piece has been carefully reviewed.

Consequently, the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles have been eliminated to the highest tolerances. As a result, a new generation of silky smooth winding performance and pristine silence has been achieved.


In addition to an enlarged drive gear, optimum positioning of the pinion and drive gears, and two-point support of the pinion gear whose ends are supported by bearings, all these mechanisms deliver robust gear engagement.

The X-Ship system permits smooth winding, even under heavy loads.


X-Tough Drag: Each drag washer is composed of metal or carbon, which have high resistance to friction. Supporting the spool from both the top and bottom means highly durable and stable drag performance.

Rigid Support Drag:  Supporting the spool at two-points of the main shaft and bearing inside the spool eliminates spool wobble and delivers stable, smooth drag function.