2019 Yamashita Egi Oh Live 3.5S Shallow


Blade sinker

We use material "tin" with little environmental load.

Aiming at a more crisp dart, we reviewed the materials and shape from scratch. And it is this "Blade sinker" that repeated trial and error was born. The dirt performance of the previous "Egi Wang Q LIVE" is further enhanced, and the water is broken and the Egi is brought into life like a sharpened blade. Guide holes for weight tuning are provided on the side of the sinker, and advanced users can set their own weights.

Quick dirt

Preceding LIVE's wide dart has succeeded in suppressing forward movement "33%" as it is. 
Not only is it difficult to pass the points, but you can also show the Egi firmly to the squid you have been tracking. 
If you cast 50m, "Egi-Oh Q LIVE" can perform 150 times, "Egi-Oh LIVE" can perform 200 times, and 50 times can be performed in one cast.

The dirt width remains unchanged. 33% shorter forward travel distance than previous products

Low center of gravity design

Motion performance is improved by lowering the center of gravity than conventional LIVE, and flight attitude during dart and cast is stable.

490 GLOW

An eye-catching cup of "490 GLOW", which has a luminous color that makes it easy to see squid, invites squid at one point.

Aoriika is most sensitive to the wavelength of light around 490 nm

Egi Wang LIVE Other models

  • King Egi LIVE Shallow
  • Aegi King LIVE Deep




Weight Sink Speed
3.5S 19g

About 6 Seconds


    • 005 Muramura Cherry

      005 Muramura Cherry

      A color combining the transparent Keimura body and the highly visible pink back color. Squids with low activity are also highly successful at clear tides and suspensions.

      Keimura body

    • 007 Blue Potion

      007 Blue Potion

      Natural color combining Keimura body and clear blue. It dissolves in water and is effective during tough conditions such as daytime and clear tide.

      Keimura body

    • 025 Ora Ora Mango

      025 Ora Ora Mango

      Good visibility, a color that uses Keimura body in orange with high appeal. Appeal the presence of Egi firmly even at the time of Mameme or low light, there is not in the tape color, a sense of transparency and UV light confuse squid.

      Keimura body

    • 026 orange gold

      026 orange gold

      Royal road color in Egging combining gold tape with orange back color. It has high appealing power and can capture highly active squid efficiently.

      Gold tape

    • 027 Pink Gold

      027 Pink Gold

      De standard color in Egging. It boasts a high track record in clear tide with a combination of pink and gold tape.

      Gold tape

    • 028 Orange Marble

      028 Orange Marble

      The color which adopted the rainbow tape which combines the element of various tapes in the orange of an appeal color. I do not know the situation of the day, the best pilot color for the first shot.

      Rainbow tape

    • 029 Pink Marble

      029 Pink Marble

      Excellent color appeal to squid, color that can be actively appealing to squid. An almighty one for a wide range of situations.

      Rainbow tape

    • 034 Passion red

      034 Passion red

      Color to put on the whole body red to emphasize the silhouette. Appeal to squid in the silhouette firmly at night and deep place.

      Red tape

    • 035 Pink rubber

      035 Pink rubber

      Solid color combined with pink tape and pink back color. Pale stir-fry of pink tape exerts effect at marome and low activity.

      Pink tape

  • 036 Japanese horse mackerel

    036 Japanese horse mackerel

    We adopt gold design Horo which brings out the sense of life of horse mackerel which is a favorite of Aorika. A 490 glow that shines through a gap to the salmon brings squid to the fish, and the natural of horse mackerel leads to the bite.

    Gold Design Holo + 490 Glow