2020 Livre Light Arm 70 Custom Handle (Daiwa compatible)

By Livre

A custom handle + handle knob set by Livre Japan suitable for smaller sized reels for more crank and torque. The specially designed power handle will enable anglers to wind lures easier and have more control when fighting a fish. 

A newly designed plate of the handle shaft made from a A7075 duralumin material which is light in weight yet rigid and strong. The A7075 super duralumin block is machined with high previous for a clean and faultless cut with smooth edges which can withstand enormous amounts of pressure. 

The skirting of the handle has been designed so it does not interfere with the original engine plate on reels. 

The handle knob is the Livre EP41 which is a 41mm diameter handle knob made from titanium for increased grip, strength and weight reduction. 

Made in Japan. 


  • Livre EP41

Handle Length:

  • 70mm

Colours Available:

  • Gunmetal/Titanium
  • Gunmetal/Gold
  • Titanium/Gold
  • Gunmetal/Red

Compatible reels: Daiwa 2500LT~5000LT reels or original Daiwa 2500 ~ 3000

This is a complete set which includes both the handle shaft and handle knob. 

Contact us for more information about compatibility: sales@isofishinglifestyle.com.au