2020 Saitama Bay Fishing Guild Guchipen 165HF


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Saitama Bay Fishing Guild was founded in 2017 by Hiroto Mizuguchi. As lure building is not his main job, Hiroto only makes a few small batches every year making them super rare to find. All his lures are individually hand crafted and have a unique signature packaging. Hiroto's goal is to make everyone enjoy fishing with his lures and to increase lineup of lures/production in future.   

The Guchi Pen 165HF (2020 NEW Model) was developed and tested for the Sotobo Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish) fishery near Tokyo. Compared to the original 165F model, it’s easier to sweep in rough conditions, has a erratic swimming action and excellent casting distance. This is the first ever batch of the new 165HF model, 4 colours custom made specially for IsoFishingLifestyle. 



Length: 165mm 

Weight: 60g (may differ slightly due to natural ingredients) 

Recommended Split Rings: Hitena Stainless Alloy Split Ring HT #6-130lb

Recommended Hooks: BKK Raptor Z #2/0 or Owner Cultiva ST-66 #2/0 

Wood: Paulownia 

Wire Thickness: ϕ1.6mm (Solid Wire Through) 

Handmade in Japan 

Colours: Yellowtail, Sardine, Slimey Mackerel and Sardine with Abalone wing