2020 Yamashita Egi Oh K HF 3.5S Keimura (UV)


King of the squid jigs, the Egi Oh K series is ideal for the squid angler wanting the absolute best of the best. They are the next level up from the premium range of Egi Oh Q Live jigs and their special hydro design means they'll excel in tough conditions.

Keimura's (UV) theory and effects

The secret that Keimura's Egi can often catch is the "appeal strength" of fluorescence emission.
Fluorescence is a phenomenon that emits light only when it is exposed to light.
In other words, the presence of light (ultraviolet rays) from the sun is indispensable for "Keimura" to exert its appealing power, especially under conditions such as fine and occasional cloudy weather, time periods in which sunlight is present and highly transparent tide colours. You can expect an effect. 

The Egi Oh K jigs include the patented warm jacket plus the following industry-leading features:

  • a hydro fin - this is unique to the market and acts as a stabiliser to reduce movement when sinking
  • a pentagon hydro body - also unique to the market its 5 sided body with flat bottom aids stability
  • a tin sinker - made from environmentally friendly tin, its tuning holes give the angler the ability to tune weight and sink rate
  • the hydro eyes - flat against the body, the eyes help make a smooth darting action. Their UV glow pupil and glow edge are unique to the market and create a double appeal to attract squid 
  • the G-Flash - this reflective lateral line creates increased flash and squid appeal
  • the double crown hooks have been tuned with the rear crown opened slightly wider to increase the hook up rate

A more natural falling action = more bites.

Shallow & Super Shallow

These slow sinking squid jigs are available in sizes 3.5 and 4.0 and have very similar casting distance to the regular sink rates. Yamashita have added a balance weight to the hooks which slightly changes the sinking angle but dramatically changes the sinking speed.


Available in sizes 3.5, 3.5S, 3.5SS
2.5      11g      Sink Speed 5.0 sec/m
3.0      16g      Sink Speed 3.0 sec/m
3.5      20.5g   Sink Speed 3.0 sec/m  
3.5S    20g      Sink Speed 5.5-6.0 sec/m 
3.5SS 19.5g    Sink Speed 8.0-10.0 sec/m