2020 Yamashita EGI OH Live Search 3.5S Shallow


The new TIN sinker EGI OH LIVE SEARCH 490 features all of Yamashita's exclusive technology:

600Hz rattle - tunned 600hz rattle inside the body is the best frequency for squid to pick up!

490 Glow - 490nm is the best wavelength of visible light for the squids eye to detect.

Warm Jacket - this patented Thermo-storage cloth transfers light into heat. 


The slim nose design and new TIN sinker design give the LIVE SEARCH a very sharp and lively darting action when hopped. 


EGI OH LIVE SEARCH 490 incorporates the best sound for squid, the best light for squid, the warm jacket and the easiest darting action for the angler. It is a high appeal EGI designed to be used first to call in the active squid. 


Available in Shallow (10 colours), Basic (15 colours) & Deep (10 colours)

Shallow Size:

3.5 (20g) sink speed 4.5 sec./m 


    • 011 Flash light horse mackerel

      Color that adds elements of sound and light to the natural royal road color. It appeals to the squid in the distance for the presence of Egi, and naturally appeals to the squid that approaches.

    • 024 red brownie

      A color that uses a red tape for a clear silhouette. Appeals firmly even in deep places with little light.

    • 026 orange gold

      The royal road color for Egging that combines gold tape with orange background color. It has high appeal and can efficiently capture highly active squid.

    • 027 pink gold

      A standard color that combines pink and gold tape. High performance at clear tide.

    • 043 pink emotion

      De pink color that has both silhouette effect and appeal effect. It has a wide range of capabilities, from clear tide to turbidity.

    • 044 sunset orange

      Orange solid color that is very effective for mischief. Invite squid with both flashing and silhouette.

    • 045 ocean blue

      A color that combines blue that dissolves in water and silver holo tape that has a flushing effect. Effective during heavy bait conditions, such as during the day and during clear tide.

  • 048 Flash Sardine

    Natural color sardine combined with 490 glow. One that has both flashing and light emission and appeal, and can be used in any situation.