2020 Yamashita Eginno Mogumogu Search 3.2


A unique EGI designed to easily catch squid without alot of imput from the angler. Perfect for those new to squid fishing or those not wanting to actively retrieve their lure.  You can attach a range of baitfish or cut baits to the top of the EGI and hold it down with the strap provided. (Spare strap is included,)

A simple technique is to cast it out, let it sink to the bottom and hop the EGI just once or twice then leave it for about 10 seconds. Hop the EGI once or twice again then leave it for 10 seconds and repeat.


Search Rattle - Tuned 600Hz rattle in body  

Warm Jacket - thermo storage cloth will transfer any light into heat for a more natural appeal.

Tin Sinker - environmentally friendly tin sinker

Double Crown Hooks - stainless steel hooks 

490 Glow - 001 and 002 are full 490 glow bodies.


Colours: 6

Size: 3.2

Weight: 20g

Sink Rate: 2.8 seconds per meter


  • 001 490 glow

    Unpainted specification that maximizes the advantages of the 490 glow, which is a luminous color that makes it easy for squid to see.
    It emits light even in dim water and invites squid.

  • 002 glow mango

    490 A color that emphasizes appeal by combining a glow body and orange background color.
    Firmly appealing the presence of Egi even during periods of low turbidity and low light intensity.

  • 003 Keimura Pink

    A color that combines a Keimura body and a pink spine.
    The color you want to use when you have a pudding or clear tide.

  • 004 Keimura Blue

    The Keimura body and blue color scheme are effective during the day and during clear tide.
    It melts into the surroundings and releases the alertness of squid.

  • 005 Keimura Kibinago

    A color that reproduces Kibinago, which is also used for food.
    Effective in low light.

  • 006 Keimura Red

    Since the silhouette is firm, it is effective at night, cloudy tide, low light.