2021 CB ONE Dixon 160mm 52grams


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The Dixon 160mm, like everything else CB One is of the best quality with an amazing finish. This lure apart from looking incredible also has an effective and productive action. T he small cup creates commotion and a nice bubble trail when worked aggressively, whilst a more relaxed approach will make the Dixon dive just under the surface and swim with a lazy roll and subtle tail kick. It's shape and design will also allow the angler to get a very impressive walk the dog action which is a great way to entice a bite from fussy fish.

The list of fish that love the Dixon is long with kingfish being the major target but will also attract large tuna, GT, and reef dwellers on the flats.

Type: Popping Stickbait

Length: 150mm

Weight: 52g  

Recommended Hook: 

Treble - BKK Viper 1/0 & Shout Curve Point 1/0 

Single - BKK Diablo 3/0 & Shout Single Kudako 3/0