2021 Mad Crow x Livre Wing 100 Magia LTD Fire Limited Edition Double Handle


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Made from an ultra-thin hollow structure + BLACK Duracon knob color for strength and weight reduction. Normally, the thickness of pure titanium of Margina knob is 0.8mm, but this LIMITED model is a custom model with a thickness of 0.6mm to reduce weight whilst retaining an awesome grip and sensitive. 

High quality Japanese titanium
Made in Japan

Features an aluminum knob Custom-made with duracon specifications. 

Note - Due to the reduced weight of the knobs the free spool of the handle knobs won't feel as smooth when spun even though there is virtually no friction in the construction due to less momentum caused the weight reduction. When continually winding the handle on the reel the handle will still remain silky smooth. 

Please note that this is a limited edition item and once sold they cannot be reordered.