2022 Hibiki X Livre Xicara 200

By Hibiki


Xicara 200 - Titanium Lure (Patent Pending)

Megatech's high-strength titanium lure with corrosion resistance and durability.
The second installment of the Xicara 200 is a stand-up popper type.
The cup shape woven by the composite earl makes it easy to catch water and enables actions that can be manipulated at will with the input of the underground.
Popping action with reduced travel distance in short stroke, and in long stroke, orbits with pop sounds and bubbles echoing in the sea stimulate targets predatory instinct.
Like the Lapis 210, it has a weight of 125g and is able to get enough distance for PE8 tackles.

From the product developer:

"When I put the LIVRE custom handle "POWER 98" in a tub filled with water, I suddenly noticed that the titanium knob "EP50" was floating with the handle slightly lifted.
I learned there that the thin-walled hollow titanium knob has considerable buoyancy, and this event triggered the development of the titanium lure.

First of all, I decided to make an offshore casting lure.
Among them, I chose a diving pencil that is a classic but capable of having a versatile action.
Titanium, which has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability compared to the materials used for lures in the past, can be said to be suitable as a lure that confronts harsh conditions of use in the sea and large fish.

In addition, the hard surface has the advantage that the hooking rate is considerably improved because the lure can be slid without the teeth such as tuna and GT biting into it.

Manufactured by investing the technology cultivated in the manufacture of custom handles such as metal processing and welding. However, it was far from the action that I thought I would do a swim test, and it just floated.

Every day of trial and error, we remade the mold many times and compare the effects on the action by finely changing the weight fixing method and weight balance, including the positions of the eyes and hooks.

Believe in the power hidden in titanium! "

・ Total length: 200mm
・ Weight: 125g class
・ Split ring size: # 8 to 10
・ Hook size: single or twin hook 4/0 equivalent
・ Colour (all one color): Fire blue (FB)
※ Hook system is sold separately and not included in the purchase.