Anglers Republic - ZetZ Slow Blatt R 100g


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Slow Blatt R

The “R” model was designed with a highly balanced jerking and falling action.

The Slow Blatt R was especially designed for slow jigging. We aimed for this model to have a precise response against the anglers action and have outstanding balance of its irregular action during the fall. It responds to jerking by taking a horizontal body position and appeals well during the fall through its irregular movement. For the long fall method, the R shape in the front section of the body grabs the water helping it maneuver even at a slow lifting speed.
Once the lure transfers to the falling action, the sliding edge of the bottom section cuts through the water for a faster response. In other words, thoroughly present the lure and efficiently sink it. This contrast is what induces the bite.

The lure produces an irregular movement during its fall from its tail section. Its somewhat fast falling speed appeals to the target through the contrasting slow lifting. It will also show its true potential for the "long fall method" which requires anglers to sink the lure fast.

The body takes a horizontal position with the jerking action. Although the weight balance is towards the tail section of the body, it produces an ideal action.