ASWB SS90 MKII Slow Sinking Stickbait


An Australian owned company, all hand built to perfection. The SS series are a slow sinking stickbait which are super easy to swim and work even in rough conditions. Designed with flat sides to a wide S shape action during the shape and also cast superbly, ideal for both boat and shore casting. Vibrant colours proven to work for various species on the reef such as trout, red bass, GT as well as the pelagics on the East coast kingfish, salmon, bonito, tuna, spanish mackerel to name a few. 

Ideal for chasing GT, kingfish, spanish mackerel and tuna on PE4 ~ 6 set up. Can be casted on a PE8 set up with a softer tip. 

Length: 170mm

Weight: 90grams 

Buoyancy: slow sinking

Recommended hooks: BKK Raptor Z 4/0 or Shout curve point 4/0