Breaden Metalmaru (60g)

By Breaden

The fish species limitation has been lifted!

First of all, astonishing long-distance casting performance.
"TR / PE Special" x PE0.4 setting measures ultra-long throw over 100m on a windless flat ground.
Condensed know-how to feed on outstanding body balance!
It strongly supports light blue games such as horse mackerel and mackerel, and makes a big difference to the next guy.
Also, in full-scale blue fish games such as yellowtail, it plays an active part in troublesome situations such as "with shirasu" just by exchanging rings and hooks.
It's been three years since it was completed. During the development, the prototype was kneaded many times.
By attaching a double hook to the rear in combination with the blade (Colorado), the weak points of the spin tail jig, such as poor riding and disparity, are greatly overcome. Sprinkle "blade bite".

The metal circle proposed by BREADEN is "Release of fish species limitation"
Maruji, horse mackerel, sea bass, chinu, kibire, flathead (soge class) flathead, mackerel, yellowtail, rockfish, and so on. Make the fish eater go crazy.
I'm surprised after this.
I came with Mahaze and Ainame, and caught grass puffer, Pseudolabrus, Aigo, Embiotoca jacksoni and even non-fish eaters. It's a serious fishing result in a spin tail jig. There are various ways to say "blade spin" and "spin tail jig", but it doesn't matter what the genre or name is.
Metal Maru is the same as Minimal.

Metal Maru 60

Size: 60g

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