CB One Enfinity EN80/16 - Ultimate Dreamer


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EN80 / 16 Ultimate Dreamer

EN80 / 16 enables head-to-head matches with various super-large fish such as Sanuki, Goto, Hiramasa over 20 km from Tsushima, GT games at super-difficult places, Ibaraki, Monster Kihada off Mie. Ryan 230/250, Zoro 270, 100 ~ 140g heavy plug is the best match. Action with less physical stress that can be swept through the day even with PE8, 170 pound leader on a large reel. Supporting fulcrum position and smooth fulcrum movement that are difficult to extend even during super-high loads during fights.


Length: 8’0”

Drag: 16kg

Line: PE 8

Casting Weight: 160g

Guides: MNST16-MNSG40

Grip (mm): F/270 R/400

Reel Seat: DPS20