CB One Ryan 230 Abalone


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The CB One Ryan 230 F swims effortlessly and has a very appealing action.

The CB One Ryan 230 stick bait is a work of art. These hand carved wooden lures feature a foil finish and a beautiful paint job. Designed to sit with its tail down at rest and create a nice bubble trail when pulled under the surface. The 'S' swimming action creates plenty of flash to imitate a fleeing bait fish. The Ryan 230F is an excellent lure for targeting GTs, Big Kingfish and Tuna. A must have lure for the enthusiast stick bait angler!! 

The Ryan 230 suits Treble hooks such as BKK GT Rex 5/0 or Owner ST-66 5/0. Single hooks like Shout Single Kudako 7/0 and Ringed Kudako 7/0 are ideal also 

Type: Floating Stickbait

Length: 230mm

Weight: 130g