Complete Hairtail Pack (2 sets)


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A complete hairtail pack (2 sets) designed and put together by the team at Isofishinglifestyle to optimize your chances of catching the elusive hairtail. Like the same suggests, the complete hairtail set includes everything regarding the rig that you need to start fishing for hairtail. The great thing about the set is that anybody from a beginner to a professional can use the set up. The set has the hairtail attractor light and specialised hairtail hook already tied.

What's included in the pack (2 sets per pack):

  • Pre made stopper set
  • Float stopper beads x 3
  • Battery float light x 2
  • EVA float #8 x 2 (Size may differ depending on stock levels) 
  • Glow beads x 5
  • Sinker x 2
  • Pre made hairtail attractor light + battery tied onto 20lb fluorocarbon leader with swivels on each end x 2
  • Special hairtail hook x 2
  • Bait needle x 1