Daiwa LT Tacklebag D36 (A) Black Camo

By Daiwa

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■ Body space that can store medium-sized boxes (21 x 15cm)

■ Convenient for carrying rods and holding spare rods. With 2 compact rod stands that do not take up space

■ With a new combined handle that is hand-friendly and convenient to carry

■ Fastener closure zipper lid

■ With lid closure snap that can be opened halfway

■ Large fastener that is strong against salt

■ Easy care, round shape of the bottom corner

■ Body and lid material resistant to dirt and water

■ Shoulder belt with large pad



  • EVA


  • Black Camo



External dimensions (cm)
(vertical x horizontal x height)
D36 (A) Approximately 25 x 36 x 26