Shimano Nexus DS Cool Rain Suit Limited Pro RA-123R

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Shimano NEXUS DS Cool Rain Suit LIMITED PRO -  RA-123R



  •  Waterproof and moisture permeable material It is possible to effectively reflect the solar heat transmitted to the inside of clothes by applying special heat shield treatment to the dry shield and reduce the rise in temperature inside clothes 
  • Action of the arm in fishing Dented cutting, adopted up swing pattern considered to be easy 
  • Ventilation in the chest side, back, thighs of the moving part (There is a danger of flooding depending on the posture at the time of rain) 
  • Easy to put in and out when wearing floating vest 
  • breast pocket with front and chest pocket can be opened and closed smoothly 
  • fastener sweat fastener with soft touch on the back of the collar 
  • cap strap loop on the collar 
  • front insert hood (removable) 
  • thin and extended chloroprene EXS material It adopted double cuffs inside, improving the fit  spindle adjust the jacket hem
  • combi Activation system
  • detachable suspenders (with backrest) 
  • side waist adjustment belt 
  • pants zipper pocket 
  • pants hem zipper 
  • buttocks is reinforced with double fabric


  • Black
  • Red
  • BBX White


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