Shimano Nexus DS Rain Suit XT RA-118R

By Shimano

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Shimano NEXUS DS Rain suit XT - RA-118R



  • Three-dimensional cutting, considering upswing patterns adopted to facilitate arm action in fishing
  • Chest pocket of easy placement even when wearing floating vest 
  • Front insert hood (removable) 
  • Sweat-absorbent knit with soft touch on the collar Material
  • Cap strap loop to collar
  • Bust pocket water stop fastener 
  • Stretch double cuff 
  • Jacket hem to spindle adjustment 
  • Combination system
  • Front anchor resin fastener (with triangular gusset) 
  • Pants with zipper 
  • Pants hem is adjustable tab 
  • The butt portion reinforced with double fabric


  • Black
  • Red