• Shimano Nexus - Floating Life Vest Limited Pro VF-112P
  • Shimano Nexus - Floating Life Vest Limited Pro VF-112P
  • Shimano Nexus - Floating Life Vest Limited Pro VF-112P


Shimano Nexus - Floating Life Vest Limited Pro VF-112P

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Limited Black
BB-X White
Blood Red

The Nexus life jacket retains a classic design which is paired with necessary comfort and safety features to ensure safety and efficient performance when fishing. The pockets are designed to be comfortable to reach and hassle free, this is further achieved by using high quality materials to ensure smooth opening and closing of the pockets.

This new and improved life jacket will allow anglers to experience fishing in a whole new way. With safety being the first priority, the nexus life jacket has been tested many times in various environments and situations to ensure that the performance is maintained at 100%.


● Arrange retroreflective designs that demonstrate the unique presence of Limited Pro 
● Allocate partitions in the front pocket vertically, organise and organise uki, lines, cases and so on, ensuring efficiency and smooth transitions.
● Special anti-slip material is adopted on both inside and outside of shoulder part. 
● Side of the adjustment is comfortable fit Boa® closure system
● Combination system
● Washable
● 2WAY system
● Bench air
● Power holding system that combines Harikoshi and breathability. Increase hold feeling and prevent slippage forward
● Chest pocket with clock clasp under flush
● Pin holder
● Towel loop on the inside, accessory holder, emergency response whistle, pen light holder
● Diagonal arrangement centre pocket allowing storage capacity and quick opening and closing
● Plier pocket
● Dust pocket
● Center button dotted belt cotton
● Resin slider
● Lightweight and easy to grasp original pull

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