Daiichi Seiko Junk Pocket #130 Black

By Daiichi

Compatible for all fishing uses.
A portable, large-capacity trash container that can hook to an R-shaped hanger or carabiner.
You can store plenty of hooks, jig heads, damaged worms, thread scraps, and line scraps.

Size: 143×81×50 mm
Weight: 78 g
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
With carabiner
Junk and garbage collection method
(1) The rotary shutter can be opened with one hand, making junk and particle collection quick and efficient.
(2) To dispose of the contents, remove the two buckles and open the lid for disposal.
Attach to R-shaped hangers or carabiners
The product can be attached to life jackets and bag belts with an R-shaped hanger or carabiner that is compatible with thick or thin belts and does not easily come off. The product can be attached to Bakkan (fishing tackle box) frames as well.

* Remove the product as soon as possible after using when attached to a thick plate, such as a Bakkan frame. Otherwise, the weighted load applied to the soft polypropylene body can cause it to deform.
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