Daiichi Seiko Kirehashi × Itokuzu Winder XL Black

By Daiichi

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A large-capacity collector of scraps and waste line debris.
The product cleanly collects scraps and waste line debris with a rotating shutter and winder.

● Size: 85×35 mm
● Weight: 44g
● Material: Polypropylene (PP)
With carabiner


The knurled protrusions entangle and remove waste line debris.
The rotating shutter prevents scraps from spilling.

How to collect scraps and waste line debris:
(1) Open the rotary shutter for scraps and waste line debris (assemble them in a ring shape).
(2) Turn the spool with your thumb in the direction of the arrow, collect waste line debris in the casing, and close the rotary shutter.
(3) To dispose of collected waste line debris, press these points shown in the figure at the same time to open the lid, and collect the waste line debris for disposal.
Example of usage:
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