Daiwa 2017 Aluminum Lock Pliers 200H

By Daiwa

This new range of Daiwa Pliers has been made to be exceptionally ergonomical by adding features which are both comfortable and practical. The pliers are made of aluminium to reduce the weight down to ~135g to make it portable and easy to carry for anglers.

One Touch Locking Mechanism


This one touch locking mechanism is located on the side of the pliers in a position which takes into consideration the range of motion of your fingers to ensure that is accessible and easy to use.

Safety Guard

Anglers often use pliers in less-than-optimal conditions including in rain and when hands are wet, therefore, this safety guard was made to prevent slippage when using these pliers to prevent accidents before they happen.

Split Ring Opener & Line Cutter

The most common use anglers have for pliers are to prepare split rings and therefore this feature was a given. The suggested size for split rings are #3 - #10.

the use of PE line has become so mainstream that these days, almost every angler has PE line on their reels. The PE line cutter has been added to make this tool even more resourceful.