Daiwa 2018 Sensor Surf IZM

$319.00 $399.00
By Daiwa

The legendary Sensor Surf has undergone major upgrades to elevate it to a whole new level of design and performance.

The Sensor Surf blank now features HVF Nanoplus, with Nano resin technology resulting in increased blank carbon density, strength and sensitivity. X45 and V-Joint continue to deliver unmatched strength, power and performance benefits, while Fuji Alconite guides provide superior control and feel.

Winn Grips now feature on the butt section, providing an upgrade in looks, comfort and control. Loaded with design brilliance and innovation, the Sensor Surf is for those looking for performance, value, and unrivalled excellence when it comes to their surf fishing.

Choose Your Weapon

A mixture of old-school soul surfing and modern cutting-edge performance the new Sensor Surf series continues to ride the wave of success as one of the most feature and value packed surf rod series in the Daiwa range. With seven models to choose from the Sensor Surf series is the range that has it all, and gives its all.

SS 102S– the quintessential pier or jetty rod for lure casting and bait fishing. Match it to a 4000-sized spinning reel and you will have one exceptional fish catching outfit. Ideal for light tackle species like salmon, silver trevally, tailor, whiting, etc, this perfect estuary and pier rod should be in just about every shore-based angler’s arsenal.

SS 122S– one of the more popular models in the range the SS 122S is suited to a host of species and locations. Best matched to a 5500-sized spinning reel and loaded with 7–15 kg line, this is an ideal outfit for most surf and rock fishing situations. If you’re looking for a one rod that’ll suit most situations and fishing styles, from casting baits in the southern surf for salmon, to throwing slugs for tuna or slices for tailor up north then look no further because this is the rod that has what you’re looking for.

SS 122XXS– The newest model in the range the SS 122XXS is the perfect rod for heavy surf and rock fishing situations. Rated to 37kg and casting up to 150g makes it the perfect match for large mulloway off the beach or big longtail tuna off the stones. The 12 foot length is enough long enough to steer a fish around structure and the bottom end power allows you greater control when landing a fish.

SS 132S– another favourite in the range, and the standout mid length heavy surf rod in the series the SS 132S has the length and power to cast heavy baits long distances with ease. This rod is perfect for fishing the big surf and swells of the south for Australian salmon and mulloway, and is ideal for dominating snapper from the beach and on the rocks.

SS 153S– the lighter of the two heavy power models in the range is unmatched when it comes to long distance casting performance and fighting power. Able to fish line upwards of 20kgs and 180grams lures this mighty rod is best balanced with a large 4500 or 5500 sized such as the new Procargo SS4500 or Exceler T. A perfect rod for anglers wanting to cast large baits for mulloway from the beach or headlands, drift fishing for monster reef dwellers like groper and snapper, and anyone who needs to cast beyond the breakers.

SS 153XXS– the ultimate power rod of the range will handle line up to 24kg and throw lures and baits up to 300grams in size. Long and powerful in size and performance few rods match the SS 153XXS for muscle and brawn. The ultimate large mulloway, or northern “come here” rod this is the big stick that you need to wield when the fish get large and the action gets fast and furious.



  • HVF Nanoplus
  • X 45 Bias Wrap construction
  • Fuji ALCONITE MN/KW guides
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Ultra tough EVA grips
  • WINN grip rod tape on butt section
  • Textured ferrule grip for easy assembly/disassembly
  • V-Joint


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
102S Spin 305 cm 2 Medium Fast 20 - 90 g 5 - 9 kg
122S Spin 365 cm 2 Heavy Fast 60 - 120 g 7 - 15 kg
122XXS Spin 365 cm 2 XX Heavy Fast 90 - 150 g 24 - 37 kg
132S Spin 396 cm 2 X Heavy Fast 90 - 180 g 10 - 20 kg
153S Spin 457 cm 3 X Heavy Fast 90 - 180 g 10 - 20 kg
153XXS Spin 457 cm 3 XXX Heavy Fast 120 - 300 g 15 - 24 kg