Daiwa 2019 Certate LT

By Daiwa


Reborn with a monocoque body making it lighter and tougher.

A robust small spinning reel has been reborn with revised technologies. 

With the ideal combination of LT concept and monocoque body, we got unprecedented lightness.

The monocoque body not only has light weight but also remodelled this reel into with an undescribable powerful frame for rigidity. 

The monocoque structure is a structure that saves frame space, the body itself has rigidity as a frame, it is resistant to twisting and deflection. It is adopted in rockets and F1 machines which are required for durability and space efficiency under extreme conditions. Even with spinning reels incorporating as many as 150 parts on a small body, the effect is tremendous. By eliminating the space for securing the screws, the size of the drive gear relative to the body size has been extended to the limit. Indeed it became possible to store large diameter drive gear which occupies about 85% of the body area. In other words, if a body of conventional size can store a huge gear, if the gear size is as usual, a very compact body can be realized. 

It is a technology that has infinite possibilities that can make a strong thing light, it is a lightweight · tough technology which can be said as the core of "LT" LIGHT & TOUGH which Daiwa seeks for spinning reel. 19 CERTATE adopted aluminum material with high processing accuracy and durability, finished in a body suitable for the name of CERTATE


  • Monocoque Body - Superior 1pc body for durability
  • Tough DIGIGEAR - Ultra precise machine cut, cold forged gearing system.
  • Magsealed - Daiwa's signature water resistant system
  • Stopperless Body - A smart system to prevent water penetrating through the anti reverse clip
  • LC-ABS -  Reduces the friction of line hitting the spool when casting
  • ATD: our ATD drag system is the best in the business. Reduced start-up inertia protects delicate and thin lines from the aggressive strikes of fish.
  • ZAION Air Rotor – the innovative design and construction works to reduce weight, stress and flexing, whilst enhancing transmission of vibration and allowing the rotor to spin with perfect balance.
  • Engine plate - A huge engine plate that eliminates the powerless caused from a traditional engine plate.
  • Seamless new shape air bail - An integrated bail without any joints for a lighter design.
  • 2BB Line coller/Twistbuster II - A two point supported line roller system with 2 ball bearings to reduce friction.
  • Machine Cut handle/high grip light weight handle knob - A lightweight, durable handle that is rigid and doesn't flex under load with a new high grip light handle to prevent slippage. 
  • Perfect Line Stopper– a larger rectangular flexible clip that can be used from all line angles and from light to heavy lines


2500S 205 5.2 73 5 4lb 0.16mm-150m PE0.6-200m I Shape 10(10CRBB)
2500D 205 5.2 73 10 12lb 0.28mm-150m PE1.2-300m T Shape 10(10CRBB)
2500-XH 205 6.2 87 10 6lb 0.20mm-150m PE0.8-200m T Shape 10(10CRBB)
3000D-C 210 5.2 77 10 16lb 0.33mm-150m PE1.5-300m T Shape 10(10CRBB)
3000-CXH 210 6.2 93 10 8lb 0.23mm-150m PE1-200m T Shape 10(10CRBB)
3000D 225 5.2 77 10 16lb 0.33mm-150m PE1.5-300m Large T 10(10CRBB)
3000-XH 225 6.2 93 10 8lb 0.23mm-150m PE1-200m Large T 10(10CRBB)
4000D-C 235 5.2 82 12 20lb 0.37mm-150m PE2-300m Large T 10(10CRBB)
4000-CXH 235 6.2 99 12 12lb 0.28mm-150m PE1.5-200m Large T 10(10CRBB)
5000D 295 5.2 12
PE 0.22mm/300m
Large T 10(10CRBB)
5000D-XH 295 6.2 12
PE 0.22mm/300m
Large T 10(10CRBB)



2500S - Early March

2500D - Early April

2500XH - Mid March

3000D-C - Early April

3000-CXH - Mid March

3000D - Early May

3000-XH - Early May

4000D - C Early May

4000-CXH - Early May 

5000D - Mid June

5000D-XH - Mid June