DAIWA 2019 Morethan Branzino 97ML/M

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By Daiwa

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Morethan who is simple and strong. A serious series with no decoration at all.
The more than series has been reborn as a simple and sturdy sea bass rod with extra decorations. Each item has been remade following the lightweight and high-sensitivity concept of morethan EXPERT AGS and the tenacity and long-distance casting concept of morethan BRANZINO AGS. Adopted a blank that is designed to be milder than both high-end models and has enhanced responsiveness and tough use. The wide release point makes it easy to throw and bend, and the more effective it is, so you can enjoy fighting with fish. The high-quality blank is equipped with a lightweight thin-walled SiC ring titanium guide and a lightweight, high-strength air sensor reel seat.

■ More than BRANZINO AGS, .morethan EXPERT AGS series thin full-scale blank
■ Lightweight and highly sensitive (EXPERT concept) or tenacious long throw (BRANZINO concept) optimal design method is selected for each count
■ Lightweight and highly sensitive air Sensor reel sheet
■ Inro splicing that pursues ease of splicing and is particular about surface treatment
■ Chic design that minimizes thread winding
■ Titanium SiC guide specifications

■ MT BR 97ML / M ・ V
Anti-ranker sea bass rod for aiming at big fish in rivers and open water. The thick carbon bat section allows heavy lures to fly firmly and does not give the initiative to the ranker. On the other hand, the supple tip brings the short bite firmly into the hook. It is compatible with minnows around 12 cm, sinking pencils around 10 cm, blades of 30 g, and large lures for rankers.


EXPERT Concept
A blank that achieves high sensitivity and lightness while maintaining sufficient power by winding carbon thinly and thickly. While having a high level of lightness, Daiwa Technology enhances twisting and crushing rigidity.

blank that is forged with a high-difficulty design in which highly elastic carbon is wrapped thickly and the blank is designed thin. It is strong against crushing, and the more it bends, the more powerful it becomes, and the stronger the long-distance casting performance that pops out the lure at once.

 Air sensor (slim sheet)
Lightweight and highly sensitive air sensor slim sheet is used. The double alumite nut ring is a long specification that is easy to handle and does not loosen easily.

 Titanium SiC guide
All models use a titanium guide. The ring is a thin-walled type that uses highly reliable SiC.

The BRANZINO model, which is a concept compatible with high-power rankers, is ideal for the fall season when the sea bass has physical strength, situations where a large lure is effective, and situations where longer casting is required. The lightweight and highly sensitive EXPERT concept model is ideal for situations where you want to detect slight changes in the tide, situations where you want to technically pour a sinking pencil with low pulling resistance, or when you want to use thin lines. Even if the same field is assumed, the sea bass game can be advanced more advantageously by using the two concepts properly.

Field tester Tomohiro Fujita --morethan BR 97ML / M
I am using the BRANZINO concept 97ML / M. When I first picked it up, I felt it had a milder finish than the same number in morethan BRANZINO AGS. I compared using two rods in actual fishing, but by finishing this 97ML / M mildly, it is not as peaky as morethan BRANZINO AGS, which specializes in flight distance and power, and anyone can fully demonstrate their potential. , Morethan BRANZINO AGS series does not require the force to swing the rod and bend the rod to generate repulsive force, and it is attractive that there is less fatigue even when fishing for a long time. The bat that stops the ranker sea bass from thrusting is still like Bran Gino, but the tip is a new type of rod that is rigid and integrated, such as picking up the short bite and small sea bass bite that you have played so far. is not it.

ESS [Expert Sense Simulation]
Sensitivity area design system "ESS" When a rod bends, energy (restoring force) that tries to rise in the opposite direction is generated. This is the "strain energy" that the deformed (distorted) blank tries to restore, and is an extremely important factor that affects the performance of the rod. DAIWA has developed a system to analyze and design this "strain energy". Not only can you clearly grasp "what is superior" and "what is lacking" numerically, but it is also possible to reflect the area called the expert's sensibility on the rod. Innovative rod design system "ESS" that creates a rod that exceeds the ideal.

Super muscular blanks composed of thoroughly reduced resin and correspondingly a large amount of graphite fibers. Due to its exceptional hardness and tension, it has excellent information transmission ability and brings tremendous sensitivity. Also, the reduced amount of resin means lightness and power rank up, and you can make a much lighter rod with the same power and a much thinner rod with the same power and lightness. It is an indispensable blank for fishing that requires a momentary reaction to the bite, and its keen sensitivity and intense bat power are even amazing. Because it is slender, it is easy to swing out, it is possible to cast accurately without missing the target spot, and the exceptional lightness does not make you feel tired even if you keep shooting for a day. This high-performance blank has been further evolved by NanoPlus technology.

"45 °" is the best for preventing X45 twisting. Optimal structure to prevent twisting that revolutionizes power and operability. By wrapping DAIWA's original bias cloth (carbon fiber skewed to ± 45 °, etc.) around the conventional structure (0 °, 90 ° with respect to the rod tip), twisting is prevented and power, operability, and sensitivity are dramatically improved. Improved.

* The "45 °" X structure, which is the strongest against twisting, is used for naming. "X Torque" has been renamed to "X45" as a universal trademark.

■ V-JOINT [V-joint]
Smooth bending of knots realizes ideal tone and power-up. DAIWA's original bias structure is used for the joints. Achieves smooth bending of the mating part and improves power response and sensitivity.

■ Air sensor sheet
"Air sensor sheet" containing carbon fiber that realizes weight reduction, high strength, and high sensitivity. By specially designing according to the application, operability that cannot be experienced with a general-purpose reel seat is realized.