Daiwa 2020 Impult 3000SH-LBD

By Daiwa

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Aim for height.

The new 2020 Impult equipped with BITURBO brakes and ZAION air rotor. Achieves operability inherited from the flagship.

The merit of BITURBO brake is that it can be stopped with a light force and that it has improved response. The BITURBO brake, which has doubled the braking efficiency, stops the reversal with a light braking sound of "Ja!", And can be stopped lightly even with a powerful pull, and at the same time, you can concentrate on the operation of the rod. In addition, you can move smoothly during exchanges, change your posture, etc. without applying unnecessary force to the lever. In addition, BITURBO has also achieved "improved response". The time it takes to reach the required braking force is shortened to 1/4 of the conventional time, and the running distance of the fish from when the thread is put out to when it is stopped is shortened, making it easier to stop before the root. In addition to this BITURBO, the NEW Impart is equipped with a lightweight ZAION air rotor. By making the rotor lighter, the inertial force is suppressed and it has
the reversal performance inherited from the flagship, and the one-way oscillation that suppresses the blurring at the time of reversal is added, and the braking performance and operability to "aim for height" are realized. doing. High level of durability with MAGSEA LED. Equipped with ATD that can be relied on in actual battles. In addition, the spool is newly equipped with LC-ABS and a perfect line stopper, and has made great progress.



As a model for aiming at big game, a gear ratio of 6.8 is set for No. 3000, which has a sufficient amount of winding thread. The gear ratio has a sense of power while having a sufficient winding speed for strong and fast big players. 

Next-generation brake "BITURBO brake"

The advantages of BITURBO are the following two points:
"Can be stopped with a light force" "Improved response"

(1) "Can be stopped with a
light force By being stopped with a light force, the following advantages are available in actual fishing a.
- also fatigue is less Sumi delicate rod work is possible in the long-term exchange
be aggressive bullish even in such a burden is less big shot in the arm - can interact comfortably in-unfavorable posture this benefit, the brake force is up This is achieved by reducing the force to grip the lever. By doubling the braking efficiency (compared to our company), the force to grip the lever is half that of the conventional one. (2) "Improved response" The
rotor moves as quickly as you want, which has the following advantages.
・ Easy to avoid root misalignment. ・ Fast uptake
・ Synergistic effect with one-way oscillation

makes communication smoother BITURBO reduces the time required to reach the required braking force to 1/4 of the conventional time. The moment you grasp the lever with Awase, a powerful braking force rises sharply, stopping the rush of the fish and avoiding root misalignment. Brake ON / OFF can be switched in an instant even when using the lever, so speedy capture is possible without extra lines. In addition, the one-way oscillation that does not move the spool up and down during reverse rotation enables smoother thread feed. ZAION material is used for the competition model as the lever material, and forged aluminum is used for 2500SH / 2500H / 3000SH.

* Detailed information on BITURBO can be found at the following link.

Because there is a quick reversal, the mobility of LB is utilized. Communication with
fish is basically done with a rod. The rod creates elasticity by bending. This elasticity is used to stop, pull, float and capture the fish.
One of the roles of the LB reel during exchange is to wind up the line when the rod rises up. Then, when the rod is "struck" by a strong thrust and is about to lose its elasticity, the line is sent out to maintain the proper angle of the rod. The rod does "work" by bending. To put it the other way around, while the rod is not bent, its elasticity and repulsive force cannot be utilized. With this in mind, you can see how quick operation to loosen the lever, pull out the line, and stop the rotation of the rotor contributes to a favorable exchange.

In addition, there are many situations where you have to put out a line, such as when Harris is about to touch the roots, and immediate action is required. It can be said that the LB is more mobile and the performance of the rod can be fully utilized by the quick reversal and the quick brake set.
With the development of the BITURBO braking system, the braking force has reached the ideal level at the present time. All that remains is a quick and smooth reversal response. By increasing this, the basic performance of the LB reel, which is "put out" and "stop", will come to fruition at a high level.

The secret to improving the reverse response is
"ZAION Air Rotor"

The reverse response is greatly related to the weight of the rotor. The lighter the rotor, the faster the initial movement, and you can quickly correct the angle of the rod. Speaking of cars, the lighter the weight of the same engine, the more efficient it is to accelerate and brake.

The NEW Impart is equipped with a ZAION air rotor. By matching the titanium veil with the lightweight and highly rigid ZAION material, the rotor has been significantly reduced in weight, and the inertia has been suppressed, making both forward and reverse smooth and light.

By combining quick reversal and powerful BITURBO brakes, it can be said that the basic performance of Impart has been raised to the next level.
NEW Impart that has both "instantaneous power to put out" and "attack power to stop". Anyone should be able to experience high quality fishing while defending and attacking.

Next-generation brake "BITURBO brake"
BITURBO not only allows you to stop with a light force, but also improves the response
Titanium veil adopted ZAION Air rotor ZAION
is used as the rotor material, and titanium material is used for the veil.
Contributes to weight reduction

Equipped with comfortable line release LC-ABS created by a new shape spool !
Thorough pursuit of line release while maintaining troublelessness. An excellent product that naturally blends in with the mechanism and also has long-distance castability.
Equipped with ATD Equipped with ATD, a
new generation drag system that keeps working while smoothly following the pull of fish.
Large-diameter drag knob improves operability

Perfect line stopper
Easy to remove. The spring type allows the fine thread that is used in normal Ukifukase to stay firmly.

High grip T shape knob adopted in all sizes

Product name Gear ratio Winding length
(cm / 1 rotation)
Own weight
drag force
braking force
winding amount N
Handle length
(S knob)
Competition 7.2 108 230 8 14 1.85-150 9 50 High grip T Auto One-touch
ZAION for exclusive use of BITURBO
2500H 6.2 93 245 8 14 3-150 9 50 High grip T manual One-touch
aluminum MC
Aluminum for BITURBO
2500SH 6.8 102 240 8 14 3-150 9 50 High grip T manual One-touch
Aluminum for BITURBO
3000SH 6.8 102 245 8 14 4-150 9 50 High grip T manual One-touch
aluminum MC
Aluminum for BITURBO