DAIWA Baitcaster Line Keeper BLUE

By Daiwa

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A line keeper that can fix the line to the slit part of the main body with one touch. Compact shape made of rubber that does not scratch the reel or line. It is also convenient for fastening the line that has passed through to the top guide when storing or moving the reel. A float type that floats even when dropped in water.

■ Estimated line of support: Nylon / Fluoro (4lb.-30lb.), PE (0.6-4)

■ The number of lines can be entered on the back side.

Highly visible line through. Uses slit processing that allows lines to be inserted. Furthermore, fixing the line with a tube is also effective in preventing the line from falling. A quick line set is possible from the level wind of the reel to the micro guide of the small diameter rod. * Never pull the main unit up, down, left or right unnecessarily as it may cause damage or deformation.

■ Supports guide inner diameter up to Φ2.5mm.