Daiwa Cooler Bag FF (K)

By Daiwa

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  • heavy duty hard top which is water proof and also is shaped so that any water or rain will drain off
  • lightweight hard interior which absorbs and cushions shock and protects everything inside
  • large front pocket for convenient storage of small items
  • anti-slip bottom design
  • comes with slide loops which can be used to attach carbiners and other tools
  • PVC material resistant to water and dirt
  • large corrosion resistant zipper
  • reflectors which assist visibility in night time and low light periods
  • 4 point support handle


Part number
Outside dimensions
(length x width x height)
Inner dimensions
(length x width x height)
28 (K) Approximately 28 x 47 x 32 Approximately 21 x 41 x 26 2.4
38 (K) Approximately 35 x 52 x 33 Approximately 29 x 46 x 26 3