DAIWA DC-6021T Tournament Sun Visor

By Daiwa

Easily fits with DDS. Tournament cap.
Product details

Equipped with DDS that can adjust the size with one touch
DDSYSTEM (Direct Dial System) -Easy fit with dial operation
DDSYSTEM (Direct Dial System) -Easy fit with dial operation

Simply turn the dial to easily tighten and open the required parts.
Achieves an exquisite fit that is easy to fine-tune.
Advanced comfort features that provide less action than before and enhance fit and concentration in tournament scenes where one second is competing.

Basic operation method of DDSYSTEM (direct dial system)

[How to loosen]
 Pull the dial to unlock and loosen the wire.

[How to tighten]
  1. Push in the dial to lock it.
  2. By turning the dial clockwise, the wire is wound and tightened.
Rocky shore column
It's okay for people with big heads and people with small heads!

People have various body shapes. There are many sizes of clothing, so whether you are a small person or a large person, you will not have much trouble. However, the current situation is that headgear such as caps and sun visors have fewer size variations than clothing.

Of course, the head circumference does not vary as much as height and weight, and many headgear can be fine-tuned with the rear adjuster, so I think that few people can not wear it even with existing sizes. However, if you want a comfortable fit and wear, or if you have an extremely large head circumference, or if you have a small head circumference, you may find it a little unsatisfactory.

The headgear with built-in DDS was developed in response to such a voice. DDS is an abbreviation of "Direct Dial System", and it has a structure that the size can be freely adjusted within a certain range by tightening or loosening the built-in wire with the dial arranged on the side part. With this DDS, it can be tightened in strong winds, and when you take it off, you can loosen it instantly and take it off quickly, but the size adjustment range is also quite wide, and it is made to fit many people's heads. There is.

An updated version of the sun visor with such a built-in DDS is the "DC-6021T / Tournament Sun Visor", which will debut in March 2021.

The size adjustment width is about 11 cm!

What is the difference between DC-6021T and the existing headgear with built-in DDS? It is in the "wide size adjustment range".

The adjustment width of the conventional product DDS was about 5 cm, but that of the DC-6021T is about 11 cm, which is more than double the width. The size setting is one size free, but thanks to this wide setting range, you can easily cover from general S size to king size.

One of the nice things about DDS is that the adjustments look nice when tightened or loosened. When adjusting with the adjuster, the belt of the extra adjuster may flutter for people with small heads, but this is not the case with DDS.

On the other hand, people with big heads will have to open the adjuster to the fullest extent to wear it, but because the area where the velcro fits is small, it sometimes comes off during wearing. However, this kind of trouble does not occur with DDS adjusted by wire.

In addition, since one end of the adjustment part is fixed with rubber, overtightening is suppressed and a soft wearing feeling can be obtained.

Just fit with one action. DC-6021T is a sun visor that relieves anglers from a lot of stress.

Troublesome headgear size
Cap conformity size guideline [JASPO standard] (Unit: cm)
size free
With adjuster 58-60
* The size is a guide, not the actual size. At the time of purchase, please choose the size after trying on.