DAIWA DG-3021 ( Nanofront® Mesh Cool Gloves 3 Cuts) BLACK

By Daiwa

UPF40 / Water absorption and quick drying / Uses a cool material that cools when it gets wet.
Product details

With fingertip tab
that is convenient when taking off the fingertip tab

Glove conformity size guideline [JASPO standard] (Unit: cm)
23-24 25-26 27-28

■ Glove size measurement method

Measure the perimeter of the hand connecting A and B as shown on the left.

* The values ​​in the table are guidelines, not actual dimensions. Please try on and select the size at the time of purchase.
* Products that use stretch materials are made smaller due to the characteristics of the material. Please be sure to try it on and choose the most suitable size.