Daiwa DR-31109 Rainmax® Hyper Combi Up Rainsuit

By Daiwa

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Rain suit with a combination-up function that can be combined with a floating vest The jacket with a lot of movement uses Rainmax® Hyper 2-layer material that supports supple movement, and the lining is a mesh specification that does not get caught even if you wear Midler. The pants are made of Rainmax® 3-layer material, which has excellent water resistance and durability.


  • Uses Rainmax® Hyper Material, which is waterproof, breathable, and windproof.
  • A two-layer material that supports smooth movement is used for the jacket with a lot of movement, and a three-layer material with excellent durability is used for the pants.
  • The cap is equipped with a cap-in system that can be integrated with a dedicated cap.
  • It is also possible to reduce the fluttering of the hood in strong winds.
  • On both sides of the front zipper, a combination-up system that can be combined with a floating vest for rocks is installed. The fit to the body is also improved.
  • Furthermore, it is easier to see your feet, and safety is also taken into consideration.
  • Large-capacity pockets are provided on the left and right, and the position is set so that it is easy to use even when wearing a floating vest.
  • The cuffs are double cuffs, reducing the hassle of water getting into your clothes along your arms when you raise your arms.
  • Pants suspenders can also be removed


Body: 100% nylon (Jacket: Rainmax® Hyper Breathable Waterproof 2 Layers / Pants: Rainmax® Hyper Breathable Waterproof 3 Layers /)


  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Red


Height 167-173 172 to 178 177-183 182-188 187-193
Chest 89-95 93-99 97-103 101-107 105-111
Waist 75-81 79-85 83-89 87-93 91-97


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MEN : Height 175cm / Chest circumference 88cm / Waist 79cm 
Wearing size : L
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image The breathable waterproof material "Rainmax ® Hyper" is a comfortable and highly functional material developed for rain gear that releases the stuffiness inside clothes to the outside and prevents rain and wind.
Cap-in system
Hood rain return
Water-stop fastener
Double cuffs
Combi-up system
Hem spindle
Side loop
Water-stop fastener
Detachable suspenders
Bootcut fastener