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  • Daiwa Emeraldas AGS 86M
  • Daiwa Emeraldas AGS 86M
  • Daiwa Emeraldas AGS 86M
  • Daiwa Emeraldas AGS 86M
  • Daiwa Emeraldas AGS 86M


Daiwa Emeraldas AGS 86M

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Daiwa Emeraldas AGS

Polished and sophisticated, the Emeraldas brand has gained a cult like following and earned an enviable reputation amongst die-hard Egi fishermen in Australia. The 2015 Emeraldas AGS range transcends all others by introducing a spectrum of quality, performance and innovation features that remain unmatched by our opposition.

Tackle requirements for Squiding are extremely stringent: Fine diameter braids and leader allow for maximum casting distance, superior line control and extreme sensitivity. Only eging designed rods meet these exacting, finesse demands, and only Emeraldas rods deliver ultimate Eging performance.

Precision rods start with meticulous rod blank design, and Emeraldas rods utilise Daiwa’s highest quality carbon, SVF, the most sensitive carbon Daiwa has ever manufactured. Fabricated using our exclusive graphite construction, it combines precise resin control with unidirectional graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density, that is incredibly light and sensitive.

X45 wrapping technology features within the series and involves a 45-degree carbon weave within the blank wrapping process to eliminate blank twist and increase power. The elimination of twist increases rod strength and allows the blank to perform at its optimum capability, enhancing rod sensitivity and responsiveness, two critical criteria making the Emeraldas AGS series one of the most formidable forces in rod design and performance.

Daiwa has taken the development of the 2015 Emeraldas AGS rods a step further, with the introduction of AGS (Air Guide System) guides as a standard feature in the series.

Daiwa has never been satisfied with the progressive development of guides made from traditional materials, which have culminated in the development of our own guides made from the lightest, strongest and most sensitive material available – graphite.

AGS features a unique graphite frame that’s more sensitive, lighter, and stronger than metal, and more rigid than any other guide ever made. By using graphite we’ve created unmatched, lightweight components that have taken rod design to the next level, allowing the user to experience the full capabilities of the blank design: faster casts, greater distance, increased accuracy, decreased rod vibration and a massive increase in sensitivity. AGS is “Technology to Feel”.

The innovation doesn’t stop there! V Joint technology features in this range, providing the flexibility of a two piece rod without compromising the specific actions of the blanks that have been designed with the egi fisherman in mind. Emeraldas AGS also adopts Daiwa’s ergonomically designed, indestructible and immovable, Surround Hold reel seats. These are light, refined and offer unparalleled comfort when matched to our strong and sensitive Airfoam Grips.

A consolidation of Daiwa’s latest and most advanced rod innovations the new Emeraldas AGS rods are, cutting edge technology meets finesse, precision and perfection.

Emeraldas AGS is the ultimate in “Technology to Feel”.


  • SVF (super volume fibre)
  • AGS
  • X45
  • V Joint
  • Daiwa Surround Hold reel seats
  • Airfoam Grips
Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
83ML Spin 252cm 2 Medium Light Regular 1.8 – 3.5 PE 0.5-1.0
86M Spin 259cm 2 Medium Regular 2.5– 4.0 PE 0.5-1.2

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