Daiwa Emeraldas Flap Bag

By Daiwa

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Emeraldas Flap Bag

Designed for the avid eging angler who is on the move who only wants to carry the bare essentials for a squidding session of fishing. Made from ultra tough Denier the Flap bag, it features an adjustable shoulder strap and Velcro fastener. It has an internal pocket and holders for pliers/cutter, 2 x tool insert holders and a “soft button” for a clip on retractor.

(Pliers, Cutter, Sokkou Knot Tools, Emeraldas Cases and lures not included)

The Emeraldas Flap Bag holds two of the Emeraldas Cases along with all your eging accessories that you require like Rigor cutters, Interline wire cases, Agorig sinkers, Egi snaps etc. with its stylish design and embossed “Emeraldas” logo, this bag is both practical and ‘streetwise’.