Daiwa Emeraldas Hip Bag (C) Black

By Daiwa

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Daiwa Emeraldas Hip Bag (C) Black features:

  • Main compartment that can fit 2-3 L Sized Daiwa Emeraldas Egi Case 
  • Front pocket is easy to open with velcro and can fit egis by hooking onto mesh compartment. 
  • Bottle holder that is easy to take in and out, even with one hand (can fit up to 600ml) 
  • Holder loop can be used as rod or gaff holder  
  • Plier Holder 
  • Shoulder belt to prevent from falling 
  • Easy to spot the bag at night due to its reflectors 
  • Mesh pad to support back 
  • D-ring to hook on various accessories 

Dimensions: About 17 × 32 × 23cm (LxWxH) 

Material: Polyester