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A model that targets red monsters from popular boats in areas affected by the Kuroshio Current, mainly in Okinawa, and supports from 50g class boat Egi to heavyweight rigs of "Egi + Sinker" that are often used in areas with fast tides. .. With a strong jerk that is effective against red monsters, you can move it firmly to the egg, and retain the strong power to pull the monster from the deep area. Also, at the timing of putting it still and waiting after jerk, the delicate MT adoption tip clearly conveys Atari. Of course, it is made with a special design, but it can also be used for casting tyraba and light jigging, so if the number of rods that can be brought into the ship is limited due to expeditions etc., it is definitely useful to keep one rod. is there. The guide uses a lightweight, high-rigidity, trouble-free R-type frame, and "AGS" with a thin, lightweight C-ring and N-ring in the right place. Experience the sensation of controlling the underwater egg to pick it up, brought about by a number of cutting-edge technologies.
76M-SMTT A short length model that is easy to handle even in narrow places and casts. A torqueful blank that can firmly jerk 3.5-4 class eggs, and a lightweight balance design that does not cause fatigue even when jerk for a long time. And for the tip part, the ultra-high sensitivity "SMT tubular" that can firmly transmit to the angler even with a slight attack from the deep area is adopted for the first time as an egging rod. Since it has a more straightforward taper than the SMT solid, it achieves both operability and high sensitivity.
76MMH-SMT A model with sharpened specifications for aiming at monsters with a large egg. MH's tough butt power that can fully cast a large egg and hook it firmly to a monster holding the egg. And the tip was set to M to leave the suppleness, and by attaching "SMT" (super metal top) to the top part, the sensitivity and operability were greatly improved. This model, which is different from the conventional strong and hard rod, is a monster-compatible model that allows you to concentrate on waiting fishing, such as sinking the egg firmly and letting it flow firmly to catch the delicate Atari.
80LM-SMT A short ultra-high sensitivity model that has excellent operability and sensitivity of Egi, such as back drift that puts Egi on the tide and explores a wide range, and use under severe conditions. The tip uses the thinnest 0.6mm "SMT" (super metal top) of Daiwa Egging rods. The extraordinary high sensing ability that can only be achieved with "SMT" promises to be the best weapon for anglers, even to grasp the touch of squid and slight changes in tidal currents that could not be felt until now. In addition, the butt part is set to M, and while having a delicate top section, it has the power to firmly pull the squid hung, and it is indispensable for modern egging such as sensitivity, operability, power. One that aggregates various elements.
82MHH "82MHH" boasts the strongest power in the series. Many conventional heavy rods are just hard rods like rods, but rods that perfectly balance the common concept of STOIST, "sharpness in suppleness". We are good at full casting with high specific density type 3.5-4 class Egi and weight tune model, and we have obtained tough power that can satisfy even hard jar cars that we felt unsatisfactory with conventional rods. A valuable cup in hard conditions such as torrents / deep areas, points that require long-distance casting, monster capture in weed areas that require a little forcible fight, etc. This model was completed to catch.
84M A super all-rounder model that makes it possible to handle all situations with one rod throughout the year in the shore egging where you can not carry many rods. With amazing lightness, castability, and the most particular sensitivity, it demonstrates outstanding performance in all basic operations from casting, shakuri, fall, and riding.
86M-SMT The "86M-SMT" is a model equipped with "SMT" on the tip of the 86M, which can be said to be a standard Egging rod. Although it is M power, this model with a delicate tip is active as an all-season army because it corresponds to a wide range of sizes from small Egi No. 2.5 to No. 4. And the extraordinary high sensing ability that can be achieved only with "SMT" promises to be the best weapon for anglers, even to grasp the touch of squid and the slight change of the tide that could not be felt until now. This model, which perfectly integrates the contradictory elements such as sensitivity, operability, and power, is definitely recommended as one when you get lost.
88LM-S A model compatible with "back drift" advocated by Hirohito Yamada. The sensitivity and suppleness of the tip are indispensable for this fishing method in which the egg is poured into the tide. The delicate tip made by combining the new AGS and the ultra-fine mega top boasts high sensitivity enough to convey the situation to the hand even with a slight change in the tide. In addition, the butt part is set to M power so that even a large squid hung in the distance can be pulled firmly. Demonstrates outstanding performance in back drift fishing methods that allow you to lift with confidence even in strong currents.
89M A lightweight almighty rod that overturns the common sense of semi-long rods. The "89M" specializes in long casts in areas with high scaffolding and open areas with no obstacles behind the cast. A model that enjoys comfortable egging throughout the year with high sensitivity, operability, and no habit unique to tubular tops. And the balance without weight can be handled with a feeling close to the conventional "84M", and the egg size is also widely supported from No. 2.5 to No. 4, and it is positioned as an almighty semi-long rod. The common sense that long rods are heavy and therefore poor in operability promises comfort performance that will change the image with the combination of Daiwa technology.
90ULL-S Optimal setting for Egging centered on No. 2.5 to 3 in the fall season. In addition to the flight distance that can not be imagined from the ultra-lightweight and ultra-flexible blank, the delicate solid tip firmly captures the change of the tide, the movement of the egg in the sea, and the croquette-sized squid punch and transmits it to the angler. The overwhelming amount of information will surely lead the strong egging of the blind element to a clearer world than it is now.
108MLM An ultra-lightweight long rod that has been shaped up to 130g at 10.8ft. Its overwhelming flight distance makes it possible to aim at the rod-missing point and search for the tides off the coast first. In addition, even on rocky shores under strong winds and embankments with high scaffolding, it is a great merit to make use of its length to lower the tip to near the surface of the water and let the egg fall in a stable state. A special long model like no other, where you can enjoy the advantages unique to long rods with the latest technology, just like a short rod.
Hirohito Yamada A whole body of Egging rod that embodies Egging theory with Daiwa's latest technology
The "Emeraldas EX Series", which was developed by Hirohito Yamada, the charisma of the Egging world, is undoubtedly the most advanced Egging rod, but Yamada aimed for further improvement. "Isn't it possible to create a rod that pursues the elements that I want?"-The development of the Egging Rod series, completely supervised by Yamada, has begun in order to respond to such strong feelings and as a challenge to further technological innovation of Daiwa. There are three elements of the Egging rod that he wants to pursue.

-High sensitivity-
A blank that is supple and has torque while suppressing tension

I was convinced that a new world would open up by sharpening these points.
Insatiable commitment to blanks
"SVF COMPILE X" is the best blank ever, but Yamada demanded "insatiable weight reduction". Therefore, as a new material, we considered the adoption of "Nanoplus" technology that incorporates nanoalloy technology. By making the adhesive (resin) nano-sized and highly dispersed, it becomes a lighter and stronger blank. However, the response Yamada tester struck to "SVF COMPILE X Nano Plus", which became more muscular due to nano plus, was NO. Yamada emphasizes not only sensitivity and weight reduction, but also "suppleness" for smooth shackling of eggs. In other words, Yamada's goal is a blank that combines light weight, high sensitivity, and suppleness at a high level. "If you just want sensitivity and lightness,'SVF COMPILE X Nano Plus' is a good material. Maybe some people want this material, but it's not my style. I also have a must for blank suppleness. "
So, when I made a test rod that adopted a new blank and asked me to use it, "It's obviously more supple than EX! Still, it's lightweight and highly sensitive, and it's got better! Let's go with this blank! The first impression was a good reaction. "SVF Nano Plus" was derived from many field tests. Yamada tester's favorite blank that combines "sensitivity", "lightness", and "suppleness" has been realized, but it seems that something is still missing. Only Yamada, who has used the "Emeraldas EX" series, wanted the signature series "STOIST" to evolve so that anyone could feel the difference.
Birth of the new "AGS"
What are the factors that make up for this shortfall? Not tired of the evolution of the blank, Yamada focused on "AGS". Daiwa's original "AGS" is a guide system that is becoming lighter than ever. With that in mind, Yamada nominated him as the target for the next evolution. Lighter and smaller. Yamada's request did not give any compromise. "C ring, N ring" in the "R frame" that was born from the trial and error of material selection and shape examination. This is the new "AGS" installed in the "Emeraldas STOIST".

<AGS material list>

Existing AGS New AGS
Guide frame shape S (standard) frame R (round) frame
Material HVF HVF Nano Plus + T1100G
Guide ring Bat side SIC C ring (cobalt alloy)
Tip side SIC N ring (siliconite)

Even though it is lighter than the current "AGS", the "AGS" has reached the area of ​​"ultra-lightweight" in the first place. Looking at the numbers alone, the weight of all guides is only a few grams, and the weight ratio is about 15% lighter. What kind of difference will it actually appear when attached to a rod? Of course, I was convinced that the basic performance would improve, but I was worried about how big the change would be. However, that anxiety turned into an impression.

Can you tell the difference between rods equipped with the new "AGS"? With anxiety and mischief, I handed it over to Yamada without saying anything. The first voice is

"This is amazing! It's completely different from the previous test models!"

When I explained about the guide for the first time, I was surprised, "Is it better if the blank is changed to SVF Nano Plus, but is it so different if the guide is only a few grams lighter?" "Especially, a rod with a soft tip like this 90ULL-S is even more effective. It's a mysterious rod that you can get such a long distance with such a soft rod. That's how fast the blur convergence after casting will be. Sensitivity It's also outstandingly good, and it looks smaller and better, this is really dangerous! "

<Advantages of the new "AGS">

Lighter (about 15% compared to conventional products) Increased swing speed and increased flight distance due to quick convergence of blur. Higher sensitivity brought about by lightness.
Stronger (about 10% compared to conventional products) Improved reliability.
Smarter looks R shape reduces thread entanglement. It looks slim and thin.

The next-generation Egging rod "Emeraldas STOIST" is packed with so much attention. By hitting each and every difficulty head-on and solving them, Daiwa opened up the world of Egging Rod, which is the ideal of Hirohito Yamada.

Specification details
The new "AGS" is equipped with a newly developed lightweight ring (C ring / N ring) on ​​an entanglement-preventing shape and high-strength R frame to achieve further weight reduction and high sensitivity.
Lightweight and ergonomic air sensor reel seat that supports comfortable egging with a fit that sticks to the palm.
A hard and astringent design that embodies the image of "STOIST".
Daiwa logo mark on the grip end.

■ Sensitivity area design system "ESS = Expert Sense Simulation" When the
rod bends, energy (restoring force) that tries to rise in the opposite direction is generated. This is the "strain energy" that the deformed (distorted) blank tries to restore, and is an extremely important factor that affects the performance of the rod. "ESS" is Daiwa's original system that analyzes and designs this invisible "strain energy". Not only is it possible to clearly grasp "what is superior" and "what is lacking" numerically, but it is also possible to analyze and quantify the area called the expert's sensibility and reflect it on the rod.


■ SVF Nano Plus
Rod In the carbon sheet that most affects the performance, the ultra-high density SVF carbon that realizes weight reduction, power up and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber is even higher with Nano Plus. Performance improvement.


■ AGS (Air Guide System)
An epoch-making guide system that uses lightweight and highly rigid carbon for the frame material to achieve significant weight reduction. AGS demonstrates its sharp swinging feeling because it is an Egging rod that has a lot of chances to jerk (shake) overwhelmingly compared to other lure rods.


■ SMT (Super Metal Top) * Adopted for 76M-SMTT, 76MMH-SMT, 80LM-SMT, 86M-SMT, 72H-MT adopts metal top.
The super elastic titanium alloy tip super metal top has an overwhelming improvement in hand sensitivity, and various information from the sea is firmly transmitted to the angler.

76M-SMTT is a "super metal tubular top".
76MMH-SMT, 80LM-SMT, 86M-SMT are "Super Metal Solid Top".


■ The X45
rod causes invisible "twisting" during a series of movements such as during operation and exchange, causing a decrease in operability and power. Daiwa's unique technology that thoroughly prevents twisting by wrapping a bias cloth of ± 45 °, which is the optimum angle for preventing twisting, improves operability, power, and stability, and dramatically improves rod performance. ..


■ Mega Top * Used in 88LM-S and 90ULL-S
Carbon solid in which carbon fiber and resin are evenly dispersed. Next-generation tip that has better strength and sensitivity than general carbon solid and realizes ideal bending.


By adopting a carbon sheet with a bias structure at the joint of the V-joint rod, a beautiful bend with little distortion like a one-piece rod is realized. Compared to the one without it, the power, tension, and speed of return from bending are greatly improved, creating an ideal sticky emphasis. With a perfect balance of delicacy and forcibleness, even big players can be treated with plenty of room.

Emeraldas STOIST AGS
item Overall length
Number of joints
Own weight
Tip diameter / base diameter
Egi size
Conformity line
Manufacturer's desired
body price (yen)
72H-MT 2.18 2 113 115 0.7 / 10.9 50-160 0.6-1.5 99 75,800 317955 *
76M-SMTT 2.29 2 118 99 1.6 (1.5) / 8.9 2.5-4.0 0.4-1.0 99 75,800 077835 *
76MMH-SMT 2.29 2 118 105 0.9 (0.8) / 10.4 3.0-4.5 0.5-1.2 99 75,800 252614 *
80LM-SMT 2.44 2 126 99 0.6 / 10.4 2.5-4.0 0.4-1.0 99 75,800 252607 *
82MHH 2.49 2 129 113 -/ 1.5 / 12.4 3.0-4.5 0.5-1.2 99 72,000 222693 *
84M 2.54 2 131 105 1.4 (1.3) / 10.4 2.5-4.0 0.4-1.0 99 69,300 029223 *
86M-SMT 2.59 2 134 105 0.8 / 10.9 2.5-4.0 0.4-1.0 99 78,000 043604 *
88LM-S 2.64 2 136 107 0.8 (0.7) /10.9 2.5-4.0 0.4-1.0 99 71,300 077828 *
89M 2.67 2 138 110 -/1.3 / 11.4 2.5-4.0 0.4-1.0 99 72,000 222709 *
90ULL-S 2.74 2 141 108 0.8 (0.7) /10.9 1.8-3.0 0.4-1.0 99 71,300 029230 *
108MLM 3.25 2 167 137 1.3 (1.2) / 12.9 1.8-3.5 0.4-1.0 99 73,300 029247 *
* The tip diameter is the closest to the rod tip, the outer diameter without parts and spools, and the inside in parentheses is the outer diameter of the material tip.
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