Daiwa 2020 Emeraldas Tactical Thigh Bag (B)

By Daiwa

Supervised by Hirohito Yamada! Pursuing high-dimensional functionality that meets the demands of Egi fisherman
■ Adopts "water-repellent fabric" that repels water and is hard to get dirty
■ Adopts "ripstop nylon fabric" that is resistant to tearing at key points
■ "Front pocket with egg mat " ■ "
Belt that considers fit" to body and thigh angle "setting
■ amount of storage example: our Emeraldas Egi holder TL (B) 1 or so, medium-sized box (about 21 × 15cm) 1 or so
perfect for ■ storage accessories to" slit pocket "place to place
more fit to ■ body With adjustment belt to make
■ With "thigh auxiliary belt"
■ Front pocket with egi mat
  • Easily change by storing replacement eggs!
  • Equipped with a protective cover on the canna part.
  • With a temporary fastening flap that makes it easy to open and close the matted pocket.
■ Belt angle considering fit
  • Considering the movement of the body and things, setting the angle to prevent distortion improves the fit.
■ <Ripstop fabric> Water repellent fabric
  • The main fabric has a water-repellent finish that repels water and prevents dirt from getting on.
    (Water repellency decreases with use)
■ <500D nylon fabric> Water repellent fabric
■ Slit pocket perfect for storing small items
■ With adjustment belt to fit the body better
Storage example
Egi holder L size
Emeraldas Egi Holder TL (B) x 1

■ Estimated number of stored eggs (No. 3.5 Egi standard)

(EM Egi Holder TL (B) = about 20) x 1
Front pocket = about 5
Maximum 25

* Depends on type and size

Daiwa Multi Case 205 x 1
Emeraldas Tactical Thigh Bag (B)
Body outer dimensions (cm)
JAN code
blue gray
Approximately 9 × 22 × 24 4550133129032 4550133129049