Daiwa Gekkabijin Prisoner TG Tungsten Microjig

By Daiwa

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Daiwa Gekkabijin Prisoner TG is a tungsten jig that is excellent for catching various species such as yellowtail, slimy mackerel, tailor, pike, whiting, bream, flathead, bonito, salmon etc
It has a high appeal horizontal fall action on drop and the assist hook is equipped with tinsel which is super effective for ajing.
Equipped with SAQ SAS SYSTEM, a special technology that greatly increases hook sharpening allowing instantaneous penetration and improves hooking rate.

  • Excellent casting distance 
  • Realistic swimming action
  • Super tungsten model
  • Available in 3 sizes (3,5,7g) and 4 colours (BLPK Blue Pink, GLPK Glow Pink, KFSV Keimura Full Silver and Iwashi Sardine)   
Model Size 
Hook Size
3g 34 # 6
5g 39 # 4
7g 45 # 4