Daiwa Jig Mesh Bag (A)

By Daiwa

Daiwa Jig Mesh Bag (A) features: 

  • Made with PVC mesh material so you can wash the bag with jigs inside.
  • In addition to the normal type, the short type can be used to store small shore and slow jigs, the long type which can store jigs up to about 30 cm can be stored.
  • Large mesh holes that can store up to size #5/0 single hooks, please do not store single hooks alone as there is a risk of them falling out.
  • Strong handle that can be used for hanging 
  • Various hooks, loops and straps to fix onto other bags
Name  Body Outer Dimensions (cm) Colour Material
Jig Mesh Bag Short (A) About 9 × 17 × 9 Blue PVC
Jig Mesh Bag Normal (A) About 11 × 26 × 10 Blue PVC
Jig Mesh Bag Long (A) About 11 × 31 × 10 Blue PVC