Daiwa Lateo Spinning Rod

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Daiwa Lateo 


Ultimate casting technology and innovation … the best way to describe Daiwa’s latest superb shore lure casting rods – Lateo. Designed as the ultimate rocky shore and beach lure fishing rod series, the Lateo’s unique design delivers unparalleled casting performance.

At the heart of Lateo’s design is our latest design innovation – X45. This new innovation delivers ultimate strength, power, and weightlessness, resulting in an ultra slim blank that eliminates blank twist and massively increases torque, and blank recoil. By using this design the blank returns to its straight form quickly, inturn delivering faster acceleration, and longer more responsive casting. By combining HVF “High Volume Fibre” carbon with X45 construction we have created a powerful lightweight blank with more responsiveness and sensitivity than ever before.

A minimalist approach in design was deliberately used to eliminate any unwanted weight, with grips and blank cosmetics almost non-existent. The rod blank of course isn’t the only thing that influences casting performance, with the Lateo range featuring Fuji’s epoch-making guide system, and Alconite “K” guides to dramatically reduce line wrap and improve line speed for faster more accurate casting. Lateo rods also feature customized Daiwa designed Oval reel seats for ultimate comfort and sensitivity, custom alloy componentry, and minimalist ultra-tough EVA grips to reduce weight for high speed casting acceleration.

For ultimate casting performance and innovation look no further than Lateo.

L 76MH

Short range power model. The 76MH is the perfect rod for close-range casting either from shore or boat. Its fast taper blank produces superb fish stopping power for medium sized gamefish caught on soft plastics, vibrations and sliders. Best suited to a 3000 – 4000 sized spinning reel.

L 86LL-S

The ultra finesse sensitive model. The 86LL-S model features a Megatop tip section for ultimate sensitivity. Megatop will allow you to detect the lightest of bites and you will “feel” every motion of your lure or soft plastic. Best suited to a 2500-sized reel.

L 96ML

The finesse spin model. Finesse and shore based spinning don’t generally mix but with the 96ML model the ultimate mix of weight, action and taper combine to make the perfect light game spin rod. Ideally suited for fishing small metals, bibbed minnows, poppers, sliders and plastics. Best suited to a 2500 – 3000 sized spinning reel.

L 106M

The all-round model. The 106 is a crossover rod that easily suits the majority of shore based lure spinning options for small to medium sized gamefish.

Designed to fish a range of lures from bibbed minnows to metals to soft plastics, the 106 has a light enough tip to fish lures “finesse” style but plenty of power in the mid and butt section to help muscle strong fish. Best suited to a 2500 – 3000 sized spinning reel.

L 110M and 110MH

The distance power models. The optimum models for casting lures in estuary entrances, in the surf and off the rocks. Designed specifically for distance casting with metals, vibrations and sliders the 110 models are incredibly light, allowing a lure to be twitched, jigged or ripped easily without placing any strain on the angler. Ideally suited for fishing vibrations and blades down deep for snapper and other reef dwellers. Best suited to a 3000 – 4000 sized spinning reel.

L 110XH

The ultimate power model. Perfect for casting in the surf and of the rocks, this model is designed specifically for distance power casting with large metals, poppers and sliders. Perfect for medium to large sized pelagic fish and is ideally suited for fishing heavy jigs and plastics blades down deep. Best suited to a 4000-sized spinning reel.


  • HVF (high volume fibre) carbon blanks
  • Micro Pitch Taper Blanks
  • X45
  • Megatop (86 LL-S model)
  • Fuji Alconite K Guides
  • Daiwa designed Oval reel seats
  • Ultra tough EVA grips
  • Custom alloy componentry
  • Technique specific actions
Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
76MH Spin 2 229cm MH Fast 10-30g 5-9kg
86LL-S Spin 2 259cm L Fast 3-15g 2-6kg
96ML Spin 2 289cm ML Fast 7-35g 4-8kg
106M Spin 2 320cm M Fast 10-40g 5-9kg
110M Spin 2 335cm M Fast 10-40g 5-9kg
110MH Spin 2 335cm MH Fast 20-60g 7-15kg
110XH Spin 2 335cm XH Fast 60-150g 10-20kg