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Shoot like an electric shock with BRITZ POWER.
A power-oriented model developed mainly for targets that require power, such as large blue fish, squid, and drops. A weapon that can fight with great peace of mind in any situation with any opponent. The BRITZ motor that produces the power of electric shock is used at the heart, and the ATD (automatic drag system) that keeps working smoothly is used for the drag. In the hoisting operation, JOG with the left thumb and the power lever with the right hand, the followability that does not give up the initiative in every scene. A fall brake dial that instantly controls the falling speed is used during a gimmick fall. It is possible to improve the bait in the drop and capture the middle layer reaction of squid. The counter panel uses a large dot liquid crystal that looks clear even when wearing polarized glasses, with deca characters that have excellent visibility. Instantaneous, high power, JOG electric "Leo Blitz". Aim at the prey like an electric shock.


Uses the "JOG Power Lever", a one-handed comfortable operation that does not give up the initiative in an instant operation.

From the clutch OFF to ON and JOG winding with one thumb of the left hand. The power lever operation, which is picked up with the right thumb and forefinger and wound up, is also effective when wearing a standing rod or gloves in cold regions.

When holding the rod, operate the JOG dial with your left thumb. It has a well-thought-out structure that is most convenient for various scenes in boat fishing, such as pinching with the right hand and operating the power lever.
* The photo shows the "Seaborg 500MJ", but it has the same function.
Details of each part
Fall brake dial In
drop fishing, stable fall control improves bait attachment during fall, and in squid fishing, it catches the touch of squid in the middle layer reaction.
Adjustable from MIN (free) to MAX in about half a turn (
2 sets of dial guide stickers included)
deca character screen with excellent visibility in the dot liquid crystal field uses dot liquid crystal that can be seen clearly even when using polarized glasses in direct sunlight. Equipped with convenient functions such as line input procedure and switching between Japanese and English. The announcement on the menu screen is clear and it can be handled without each setting manual.
<No need for various setting manuals>
・ Press the PICK UP (left) and MEMO (right) switches for 2 seconds to go to the menu screen.
・ Scroll with the power lever to go to various setting screens.
■ ATD [Automatic Drag System] A
new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursued start-up and followability. For large spinning such as Saltiga, it is a setting that suppresses the decrease in drag force during fighting. Both were developed with the goal of being able to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings.
■ MAGMIGHT structure [Magmite structure] A structure
that maximizes the power of the motor by making full use of the limited space inside the electric reel. Achieves Hi power and Hi speed in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor is improved, which contributes to further improvement of the motor drive efficiency.
■ FF structure [FF structure] The
front motor structure makes it easy to hold and use the reel by arranging the motor, which can be called the engine of the electric reel, in front of the spool to design the reel in a low profile. In addition, a level wind is placed between the motor and spool, enabling a more compact design.


Details of other functions and specifications

function Feature
■ One push ON clutch The clutch can be easily engaged with the hand holding the rod. A mechanism that allows quick diligent removal of tana in combination with a one-hand clutch.
■ Aluminum die-cast body Body material with high rigidity and little deformation. It firmly receives the drive section including the MAGMAX motor and supports a powerful fight.
■ Infinite Eliminates rattling of the handle during manual winding, and realizes a firm and smooth winding feeling like a manual winding reel. You can make a little invitation or operation at the time of importing more comfortably.
■ Ultra spool free High-speed gimmick drop performance realized by separating the spool and the gear of the motor part to eliminate resistance to the rotation of the spool. Especially effective for squid fishing and fluffy fishing.
■ Constant speed winding mode Always winds up at the set speed (ON), automatically controls the winding speed according to the pull of the fish (OFF)
■ Electric slow winding A function that allows "slow winding", which is said to be an effective technique for various target fish. Of the electric hoisting speed adjustment, the speed at low speed is set to slow.
■ Display correction function A function that can be easily corrected during actual fishing when the counter display deviates from the thread color.
■ From top /
bottom counter
Since the water depth can be measured from both the top and bottom, accurate fishing can be done in any situation and fishing.
■ Choi winding / choi stop switch Choi winding that winds up at the set speed just by pressing the switch when removing tana or thread dandruff. Set to both by mode selection.
■ Master Shakuri / Shakuri Switch A convenient function that invites the electric reel. You can freely choose the width, waiting time, and range of the shakuri pattern.
■ Fukase mode A dedicated system that is convenient for fluffy fishing such as Atari alarm, fluffy click, and fishing tana memory.
■ Komase timer & Komase timer winding You can set the time from putting in the device to collecting it, and you can make an accurate rework. The timer display function allows you to accurately grasp the input time of the device.
■ Hoisting speed actual measurement value display A function to display the actual winding speed. Useful as a measure of speed when winding.
■ Selectable boat stop A function that automatically stops winding when it is wound to the set length during electric winding. If the length is set to be convenient for taking in, it will help to double the rework efficiency and prevent entanglement, which is the main cause of rod damage.
■ Slowly stop the boat A function that prevents disintegration due to impact by slowly stopping when the electric hoist stops on a boat.
■ Thread feed mechanism A function that reverses the motor gear when the device falls and assists the rotation of the spool that ejects the thread. In combination with Ultra Spool Free, it is effective for fishing where you want to drop the gimmick quickly.
■ Washable Can be washed with a neutral detergent (however, washing by submerging in water or warm water is strictly prohibited).
■ Alarm ON / OFF The alarm / switch sound can be switched ON / OFF.
■ Memory backup function A backup function that remembers the contents set in the mode the next time you go fishing.

■ Belt drive

By transmitting power from the motor to the spool via a belt instead of a gear, quietness, light weight, and high efficiency are achieved.

■ Drop-off prevention spool-free adjustment dial

Model Gear ratio Own weight
Maximum drag force
Standard winding amount (No.-m)
: Bright (PE)
Standard winding amount (No.-m)
: Nylon
Maximum hoisting force
Regular hoisting speed
1 kg load
(m / min)
standard hoisting force
standard hoisting speed
(m / min)
3.6 815 16 4-500
135 (150) 15 170

  • Reel bag
  • Threading pin
  • Fall brake dial seal
  • Super power cord (black)

* Rod clamp (sold separately) can be installed as an option.

Maximum hoisting force Reference value based on power supply voltage 13V and shaft torque. (Power range for mega-twin mechanism)
* kg = Kgf ・ cm (The specifications are shown in abbreviated form.) ⇒Click here for details 
Regular hoisting speed Average of 100m hoisting speed under power supply voltage 13V and 1Kg load.
JAFS standard hoisting force Measured value at a power supply voltage of 13V according to the standards of the Japan Fishing Goods Industry Association.
Instantaneous maximum hoisting force at spool outer diameter. (Power range for mega twin mechanism)
JAFS standard hoisting speed Measured value at a power supply voltage of 13V according to the standards of the Japan Fishing Goods Industry Association.
Hoisting speed at no load on the outer diameter of the spool.

* "JAFS standard" = Standard for fishing equipment established by the Japan Fishing Equipment Manufacturers Association

About power supply

Daiwa's electric reels are compatible with direct current (DC) 12V. It cannot be used with non-designated power supplies such as AC 100V for home use and DC 24V for ship equipment. In addition, the voltage of the ship power supply tends to be unstable due to the generator and wiring, and the reel protection circuit may work and the rotation may stop or become intermittent. Please use Daiwa's genuine electric reel battery to maximize the reel performance.